Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Tirade Was Better?

Friday night, you have Brian Wilson, after blowing a save in the eighth inning and giving up a bases loaded single to Brandon Inge after the Giants regained the lead in the top of the ninth, gave us this reaction. Apparently, Gatorade didn't Fear the Beard and this is what happens when you don't. (video courtesy of

Meanwhile, the Blue Jays were trying to keep their game with the Phillies yesterday at a 1-run deficit as Jon Rauch had a 3-2 pitch called a ball. After the ensuing run scores, Rauch loses it. (tirade begins at 2:10 of the video, hope MLB doesn't pull this video off YouTube before you get to watch it)

So the question, which was better? As much as I love Brian Wilson and all he does, beating up Gatorade coolers have been happening since Paul O'Neill was in the league. When do you see a player the size of Rauch have to be restrained? And watching the buttons on his jersey pop off, priceless. Also, don't forget manager John Farrell was also ejected from the game. I'd have to give Rauch the edge on the better tirade.