Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Week 12 Picks and Tiffany's Song

Here's the Week 11 song by Tiffany, though with some of the games from Thursday, the theme's are somewhat obsolete. Anyway, here it is:

Now for the rest of the picks for a Week 12 which is separating the contenders and pretenders. (Home team in CAPS)

Arizona (+3) over ST LOUIS
JETS (-9.5) over Buffalo
Cleveland (+7) over CINCINNATI
JACKSONVILLE (+7) over Houston
Carolina (-4) over INDIANAPOLIS
TENNESSEE (-3) over Tampa Bay
ATLANTA (-9.5) over Minnesota
OAKLAND (-3) over Chicago
SEATTLE (-3) over Washington
New England (-3.5) over PHILADELPHIA
Denver (+6) over SAN DIEGO
Pittsburgh (-11) over KANSAS CITY
NEW ORLEANS (-7) over Giants

This week: 1-2
Season Record: 77-78-8

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The NBA is Back

Yes, last night, the NBA owners and players finally ended their work stoppage. Looks like I was wrong when predicting the season would be lost. Checking my Twitter, there's a mix of people who are thrilled for the NBA's return and those who either could care less and/or are disappointed. I happen to fall in the middle and probably more or less resent both the owners and players for dragging this negotiation along through Thanksgiving and now they want us to just accept them back like nothing happened, starting on Christmas to punctuate this.

The fact though is the NBA will now have no games played between Halloween and Christmas and I have not missed one game. And I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of people who feel the same way. Why is this? Because the NFL plays 3 days a week, college football has 3 days as well, college basketball is back with some great games already (particularly Duke and Kansas the other night) and the NHL has been very good and the face of the league Sidney Crosby just returned and became the biggest sports story on Monday, even on ESPN. NBA probably realized that despite the great playoffs last year, they aren't that important and can be easily replace by other sports. Thus, they got themselves back on the court.

Most NBA fans are happy that the league will play again. I'll be happy for those who work in arenas who lost 8 nights of work, but no more. I'll be happy for bar and restaurant owners who make more money because it's a game night. As for the players and owners, it will take me longer to be happy for you. Remember, I have a whole lot of choices for my sports viewing that your absence made me realize (okay, I would watch those sports all the same with or without the NBA, but that's not the point).

Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Thanksgiving Picks

Miami at Dallas

The one game that doesn't involve two playoff contenders, though the Dolphins have started to play like one in the last three games. And now, a game the Cowboys thought was easy is now one they must show up for. The good news for Dallas, Tony Romo is unbeaten in Thanksgiving games. Maybe Jerry Jones should petition that the season end on Thanksgiving. Everyone thinks the Dolphins will keep it close with the Cowboys, I think that if Dallas wins, it's big. And they do, beating Miami 31-10.

San Francisco at Baltimore

The Harbaugh Bowl. Jim vs John. Toughest game the Niners are playing this season, traveling East to face a Ravens team that doesn't lose to good teams or at home. And yet, they seem like a trendy pick as well. Reason I'm picking Baltimore: I trust Joe Flacco more than I do Alex Smith on the road. Otherwise, these teams are mirror images of one another. Ravens will win 23-16.

Last week: 4-8-2
Week 10: 10-6
Season record: 76-76-8

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you can read this before enjoying turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and more, but I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. It's also a day for football (though to be fair, the Arrested Development marathon on IFC can make me flip) and with three games, let's make some Thanksgiving picks on this great day of football ahead.

Green Bay at Detroit

Game is starting shortly and is the biggest Lions Thanksgiving game in forever. Meanwhile, the Packers keep going for an unbeaten season and look for revenge from last season's meeting, which saw the Lions win after Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion. I believe they get revenge, and beat the Lions 34-30, which also means the Lions cover the 6 they're getting. Now, here's a great Lions moment on Thanksgiving (extremely hard to find and can't put on the website).

I'll have the last two games later.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 10 Picks

Just picks today, as Tiffany doesn't have a Week 9 song. However, there won't be quick picks this week, since I haven't wrote much lately. Before the picks, let's look back at Oakland-San Diego and once again, this game says more about the Chargers than it does about the Raiders. Once again, the Chargers can move the ball until they absolutely have to. The fact that the AFC West isn't led by the Chargers is a failure on Norv Turner and it doesn't help that Philip Rivers has been too erratic. Even if San Diego plays great in December and wins the West, that just means they get to lose in the 1st round. Should be the end for Norv if they don't turn this around big time, especially how quick the Chargers pulled the trigger on Marty Schottenheimer's firing.

Now onto the picks, as I attempt to finally end this middling of my picks. Until Thursday's game, I've been at .500, which is unacceptable. Let's see if there's carryover from Thursday's Raiders win. (Home team in CAPS)

Pittsburgh (-3) over CINCINNATI

Tough to pick against the Steelers after a loss. Especially when facing a rookie quarterback, even though Andy Dalton hasn't played like a rookie. Will be very telling of both teams if the Bengals win this one.

Denver (+3.5) over KANSAS CITY

I have a new rule for the AFC West, take the points. Home or away, this division is so bad that if two teams play one another, you're better off taking the underdog. Just remember, a Broncos win means they will be a game out of first with Tim Tebow as the QB.

Jacksonville (-3) over INDIANAPOLIS

Never saw an NFL team look to get the number one draft pick the way the Colts look. They really could go 0-16 to get Andrew Luck. This is a rare winnable game, but the Jags play good enough defense that should see another single-digit Colts offensive effort.

Buffalo (+5.5) over DALLAS

Just when it's time to buy on the Cowboys, this is when a curve is usually thrown and the Cowboys show us why we shouldn't believe in them. Also, expect a much better effort from the Bills, who last week could do anything against the Jets.

Houston (-3.5) over TAMPA BAY

Yes, I'm taking another road team. The Texans are playing very well lately and if they are going to come down to earth, I don't see the Bucs being the team to do so, even though you could say the season for the Bucs is on the line.

CAROLINA (-3.5) over Tennessee

The Titans are just good enough to play close games, then lose them late. As for the Panthers, I think the bye week helps them and Cam Newton is due to win some ballgames, isn't he?

MIAMI (-4) over Washington

Just read that Rex Grossman will start today, not John Beck. The Redskins have no chance to win a game that John Beck starts. At least with Grossman, he's either competent or godawful. Looks like I'm betting on awful. Of course, if the Dolphins want to stay in Suck For Luck, they lose this one.

ATLANTA (+1) over New Orleans

Because I don't trust the Saints on the road anymore. All three losses are road ones (Green Bay, Tampa Bay and St. Louis). Now they are playing a Falcons team that is finally looking like the one who won the NFC South and held the top seed in the playoffs last year. We'll have a new team in first tomorrow.

St. Louis (+3) over CLEVELAND

Two bad teams, but the Rams have the better QB in Sam Bradford. Remember when a matchup between Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy was the biggest game of the weekend? Now it's probably the worst game.


Arizona (+14) over PHILADELPHIA

I probably would of taken the Eagles until we found out DeSean Jackson isn't playing (nice job DeSean during a contract year). Now, I'm taking the points because no one seems to cover double-digit spreads this year. Besides, why should a 3-5 team give 14 points (even with John Skeleton involved)?

Baltimore (-7) over SEATTLE

I fear this game because of the Ravens propensity of losing to bad teams on the road (especially after a Steelers win). Just know that the Ravens can't afford to blow games like this if they want to finally have home playoff games this year. Besides, will Tavaris Jackson/Charlie Whitehurst really beat Lewis, Ngata, Suggs, Reed and the Ravens defense?

CHICAGO (-3) over Detroit

All of a sudden, the Bears look good. Earl Bennett has made Jay Cutler more comfortable, they still play high level defense with Urlacher, Briggs and Peppers. Meanwhile, the Lions haven't played as well as they did to start the year and the Bears could have won the meeting in Detroit if they didn't make a couple mistakes.

Giants (+3.5) over SAN FRANCISCO

Now this is football, when the Giants and 49ers are both top teams in the league. Honestly, this is a tossup, and I'm mostly taking the Giants because of that half point. In the meantime, here's some great video (for both fan bases).

New England (+1) over JETS

Funny feeling about this one. The Pats just don't lose 3 in a row (2002 was the last time). Everyone seems to be on the Jets here, and with reason as the Jets have won three in a row and the Pats have lost two in a row and looked bad offensively in their last 3. I just don't think the Jets take advantage of the Pats problem areas on defense and won't cover the tight ends when Brady is throwing it.

Minnesota (+14) over GREEN BAY

Thinking a close Monday night game here. Now that the Packers are 8-0, they will get every team's best shot. That means Adrian Peterson controls the line of scrimmage and Christian Ponder continues to protect the ball.

This week: 1-0
Last week: 7-7
Season record: 63-62-6

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tiffany's Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Picks.

Tiffany is back with a new video, first in a few weeks. She explains the absence in the video, and it also has a new tweak.

Yes, I'm also aware I haven't written much in the last couple weeks. That's what happens when you get a nasty cough (I haven't seen a doctor, though I wouldn't be surprised if I had bronchitis). Once again, my picks will be quick ones, so here they are (Home team in CAPS)

Atlanta (-7) over INDIANAPOLIS
NEW ORLEANS (-9) over Tampa Bay
Cleveland (+11) over HOUSTON
BUFFALO (-3) over Jets
Miami (+6) over KANSAS CITY
WASHINGTON (+5.5) over San Francisco
DALLAS (-11.5) over Seattle
Denver (+7.5) over OAKLAND
Cincinnati (+3) over TENNESSEE
St. Louis (+2) over ARIZONA
Giants (+9.5) over NEW ENGLAND
SAN DIEGO (+6) over Green Bay
Baltimore (+3.5) over PITTSBURGH
PHILADELPHIA (-8) over Chicago

Last Week: 4-8-1
Season Record: 55-55-6