Saturday, November 26, 2011

The NBA is Back

Yes, last night, the NBA owners and players finally ended their work stoppage. Looks like I was wrong when predicting the season would be lost. Checking my Twitter, there's a mix of people who are thrilled for the NBA's return and those who either could care less and/or are disappointed. I happen to fall in the middle and probably more or less resent both the owners and players for dragging this negotiation along through Thanksgiving and now they want us to just accept them back like nothing happened, starting on Christmas to punctuate this.

The fact though is the NBA will now have no games played between Halloween and Christmas and I have not missed one game. And I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of people who feel the same way. Why is this? Because the NFL plays 3 days a week, college football has 3 days as well, college basketball is back with some great games already (particularly Duke and Kansas the other night) and the NHL has been very good and the face of the league Sidney Crosby just returned and became the biggest sports story on Monday, even on ESPN. NBA probably realized that despite the great playoffs last year, they aren't that important and can be easily replace by other sports. Thus, they got themselves back on the court.

Most NBA fans are happy that the league will play again. I'll be happy for those who work in arenas who lost 8 nights of work, but no more. I'll be happy for bar and restaurant owners who make more money because it's a game night. As for the players and owners, it will take me longer to be happy for you. Remember, I have a whole lot of choices for my sports viewing that your absence made me realize (okay, I would watch those sports all the same with or without the NBA, but that's not the point).

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