Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Thanksgiving Picks

Miami at Dallas

The one game that doesn't involve two playoff contenders, though the Dolphins have started to play like one in the last three games. And now, a game the Cowboys thought was easy is now one they must show up for. The good news for Dallas, Tony Romo is unbeaten in Thanksgiving games. Maybe Jerry Jones should petition that the season end on Thanksgiving. Everyone thinks the Dolphins will keep it close with the Cowboys, I think that if Dallas wins, it's big. And they do, beating Miami 31-10.

San Francisco at Baltimore

The Harbaugh Bowl. Jim vs John. Toughest game the Niners are playing this season, traveling East to face a Ravens team that doesn't lose to good teams or at home. And yet, they seem like a trendy pick as well. Reason I'm picking Baltimore: I trust Joe Flacco more than I do Alex Smith on the road. Otherwise, these teams are mirror images of one another. Ravens will win 23-16.

Last week: 4-8-2
Week 10: 10-6
Season record: 76-76-8

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