Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signs of the Apocalypse

I know I'm late late about this, especially since I was the one to coin the name "Shanahan to the Chiefs", but I have to write about "Mort Goes to Camp." He basically drives around in John Madden's used cruiser, only he has a map on the back for signify where he went, even though we can watch it. SportsCenter even gave us a tour of the bus because they obviously know that's the reason we watch.

Now I know ESPN has their top guys tour training camps, but the fact that they have to turn Chris Mortensen into the story is infuriating. You don't see the NFL Network setting up a bus for Scott Hansen to travel around during training camp. This is just another example of ESPN trying to be the news instead of reporting on it. Add the fact it's Chris Mortensen, who's stories are correct half the time (they should be right higher than 95%), and this a complete waste and I hope you change the channel when Shanahan to the Chiefs appears on screen.

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