Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Preview

Today, our two week wait comes to an end (not to mention my three-week writing sabbatical) as the Colts and Saints will finally play to determine who is this year's Super Bowl winner. Before getting to a prediction, let's compare all of the various matchups that you see today.

Best defensive coach: I don't even know who the Colts DC is, while I give Gregg Williams a lot of credit for turning around the Saints defense, which was among the league's worst last season. Edge: Saints

Best city to visit: Okay Indianapolis, I might visit you for a Indy 500 one time, and you do have the Final Four often. But, you're no New Orleans and the fact you will host a Super Bowl in a few years is pitiful. Edge: Saints

Better offensive coach: It's more a contest between Sean Payton and Manning/Moore/Mudd trio. Payton is a terrific head coach and playcaller and has helped Drew Brees become what he is as a QB. Obviously, the inner circle of the Colts have done this as long as Peyton Manning has been in the NFL. The one difference, Payton does his job more alone than the Colts. Edge: Saints

Better passing game: However, Peyton Manning makes the Colts passing game what it is, despite Drew Brees greatness. Manning is almost automatic at this point. Edge: Colts

Better secondary player girlfriend: So here it is, Kim Kardashian vs. Kendra Wilkinson. The matchup that inspired this list of matchups. The one true winner, E! Network, since both are their reality stars. It would be easier to determine a winner if I watched either reality show, but I don't. I loved reading what Kendra said she'd do if her hubby Hank Baskett and the Colts win. However, there's no way I go against Kim Kardashian. Edge: Saints

Greater sporting legacy: To be fair to New Orleans and Indianapolis, most of their greatest in sports consists of outsiders winning championships in both cities. Whether you have Indy 500 winners, Super Bowl champs in the Superdome or NCAA men's basketball champs in both, it's mostly a legacy of hosting greatness, not the hometown of greatness. With the exception of Charlotte, these are the only two cities who have the NFL and NBA only. While New Orleans can claim Chris Paul and Pete Maravich, while Indianapolis can claim Reggie Miller and Marvin Harrison. Peyton Manning, however is the difference maker, since he's the greater of everyone, including his father. Edge: Colts

Better defense: The Saints have the greater ability for the big play on defense, since they love causing turnovers. The Colts have probably the most underrated defense in the league. Dwight Freeney will play tonight and that is key because he forces the Saints to focus on him and can't fully double Robert Mathis. The Saints, however, won't be in the dome and they aren't as good outside. Edge: Colts

Better offense: The Saints can run the ball, better than the Colts, so this question must be asked. However, the Colts aren't anemic on the ground and I think Manning can break a defense better than Brees can. That's not to say the Saints won't do that either, since they did that against the Pats this year. Edge: Colts

Super Bowl pick: I see the Colts winning, 34-24. Now, hopefully there will be footage of Kendra's celebration. Updated 5:25: Peyton Manning is my MVP since there's no way for the Colts to win this game without a big Manning performance, not with the Saints offense.

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