Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fire Sather

Enough of the Jedi mindtricks Glen. Now, I don't know how he's been able to keep his job with his decade of incompetence. I mean Isiah Thomas only had five years in charge of the Knicks. Did Glen need to have Wade Redden involved in a truck party while harassing a Garden aide to be fired. That's why I've taken the idea that the Rangers would be better served by missing the playoffs this year. Perhaps the fact that Jim Dolan can't weed extra money from his fan base (including myself in 3 of the past 4 years) will lead to him thinking it would be wise to find someone new.

Today, there will be a "Fire Sather" rally outside MSG at 5 pm, before tonight's Sabres/Rangers game. I unfortunately will be unable to attend, but fully support this action and really, this needs to happen before every Rangers home game; at least on weekend games which work and rush hour can't limit the amount of people who can join in. I know that the chances of Dolan actually listening to those at the rally are about 0.0000001 percent, but at the very least shows the Rangers fans care how their team is run, before a generation of potential Rangers fans are lost like Blackhawks and Bruins fans in the late 90s, early-to-mid 00s.

Finally, I wanted to share this SI Vault article from 1965, notice how sometimes, things never change.

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