Friday, April 23, 2010

First Day Recap and Second Day Preview

The NFL Draft completed it's first round last night in record time, allowing me to watch the end of Pens/Sens without distraction. While I don't like the NFL competing head-to-head against the NHL/NBA, they were competing anyway in the past. I love how this is spread out, allows for speculation and trades overnight. It's like the NHL Draft, without having all six other rounds going today and splitting the 2nd and 3rd from the rest. Here's some thoughts:

-I think we all knew the Rams would draft Sam Bradford because they felt like they couldn't pass on QB again. While Bradford could be a good player, if he doesn't work out, the Rams will continue to flounder. Ndamukong Suh was the best player in this draft and the Rams would have been better served to take him and then they would have their choice of Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy to open the second round tonight.

-The Lions in my eyes were the big winner by grabbing Suh and trading back in to take Jahvid Best at RB. Best adds to a team that is getting better in skill positions. The Lions have to now focus their future picks on adding to the offensive line so the skill players can be effective. Kind of like the Niners, who spend the first round drafting Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati, who join Joe Staley to put some youth and talent to a San Francisco line that was poor a year ago. Very good for a team that's the NFC West favorite, at least in my eyes.

-My other favorite picks of the night; Dallas trading up to grab Dez Bryant, though it duels as my least favorite pick since I didn't want the Cowboys to take him. Jermaine Greisham going to the Bengals who needed a TE in the worst way was good, and to be fair, picks 2-6 are all obvious and smart, particularly the Chiefs not overthinking and taking Eric Berry, who will dominate at safety for the next decade, in a league which a dominant safety has become key. Finally, the Steelers drafting Maurkice Pouncey at center will be the next coming of Dermontti Dawson for that franchise.

-My least favorite moves: Why did the Chargers jump to 12 to grab Ryan Mathews and the Eagles jump to 13 to take Brandon Graham. Both players could have been available further down in the first round. Also, the Jaguars could have traded down to take Tyson Alualu and should have. The fact that Tim Tebow was taken in the first round also is a move I don't like, plus the Broncos keep compiling these QB's.

As for tonight, the key will be who wants Colt McCoy and/or Jimmy Clausen and who will give up anything to get them. Personally, I like Clausen and the fact he was dropped to the second round will rid him of some cockiness that is perceived. I also like he played in an NFL-style offense under Charlie Weis, and before you bring up Brady Quinn, let's be fair, he had no chance to succeed in Cleveland, especially after they were dumb enough to resign Derek Anderson to that contract after his successful '07 season. Not to harp on Notre Dame guys, but I'm keen to watch were Golden Tate will go. He was better than you think and with Weis in Kansas City, perhaps there's a fit. You know the Chiefs need more skill players. Sergio Kindle is the other guy I'm looking at since he's a first round talent and whomever grabs him will be pleased, unless his injury issues are much more serious.

Before I finish, I must talk about the Giants draft pick Jason Pierre-Paul and the Jets grabbing Kyle Wilson. Both teams picked in places of strength and both were the right move. Rex Ryan loves his corners and Wilson will provide some insurance for Antonio Cromartie, in case he doesn't work out. Expect them to look for another pass rusher and offensive line help today. As for the Giants, Pierre-Paul looks like the best athlete in the draft. Everything I hear is that he has a great motor and all he needs is to learn technique and he'll be scary good. I'm pleased. Now the Giants need to look at the linebacker hole and Kindle and Sean Lee are who I'd want the Giants to get in the second round. They also should be looking at a DT and OL if both are off the board and in the third round.

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