Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 12 Picks and more

Yes, today is a day of football and there will be picks made, but seeing as there hasn't been a blog post about anything more than NFL Picks, I'd figured I would have a mini-randomness post. Thus, when you look back at this post, it won't just be how bad my picks are going to be this week.

Let's start with a giant laugh at the Miami Heat and their 9-8 record (according to Jeff Van Gundy, they will finish 61-4). And this week they play the Cavs in Cleveland. The best example for return games by a player to his former home happens to be Vince Carter. Carter has killed the Raptors whenever he gets the chance. It's easy to see why, Toronto fans loved him and all Vince did was get hurt, not play hard (by his own admission) and force his way out. LeBron needs to channel Vince, and then unchannel him the instance the clock ends at :00.

Derek Jeter must be high if he thinks he's getting six years and $150 million. The Yankees offer is fair (3yr/$45mil), though they've talk a little too tough. Unless someone offers Jeter more than that, it's on Jeter to get signed. By the way, if I was Jeter's agent, I'd talk to Boston and/or the Mets just to see if the Yankees would be spurred to make a deal and if I'm either team, I'm hoping by talking leads the Yanks to throw a 4th or 5th year to Jeter.

Working in retail means Black Friday is a tough day to work (of course, if more people read this blog, maybe I can stop working retail). The worst part about it was missing Auburn/Alabama, which seemed like a great game. My heart goes out to Boise State, who lost a heartbreaker which will keep them out of a BCS bowl, much less the BCS title game. TCU is the lone BCS buster who could be in the BCS title game, though needs a loss from Oregon or Auburn and that alone might not be enough. In other words, GET A PLAYOFF!!! I'm sure Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan State this year would agree.

Finally, we go to hockey where last night's action had a couple a memorable highlights. First, Kevin Weekes calm under the intense pressure of nearly getting run over by a zamboni. Also, the best fight last night with John Scott turning Kevin Westgarth's face into a proverbial crimson mask. This has given me the impetus to have a nightly best fight of the night, so look for that every morning.

Now it's time for my picks;

(Home team in CAPS)

Minnesota (-2) over WASHINGTON
Pittsburgh (-7) over BUFFALO
Tennessee (+6) over HOUSTON
Jacksonvillie (+7.5) over GIANTS
Carolina (+10) over CLEVELAND
ATLANTA (-1.5) over Green Bay
OAKLAND (-3) over Miami
SEATTLE (+2) over Kansas City
BALTIMORE (-7.5) over Tampa Bay
Philadelphia (-3.5) over CHICAGO
St. Louis (+3.5) over DENVER
San Diego (+3) over INDIANAPOLIS
ARIZONA (+1) over San Francisco

This week: 0-3
Last week: 7-9
Season record: 87-71-5

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