Saturday, January 15, 2011

Divisional Saturday

We have entered the best weekend in the NFL season as the divisional round seems to always have at least one great game in the bunch. It's fair to say that today won't be different as Ravens-Steelers will be one of the matchups and those two always play close games. As for Packers-Falcons, this year's NFC Super Bowl representative will come from this game.

We'll start in Pittsburgh, as the Ravens and Steelers face off again, the second time in three years both teams play a third game in the playoffs. Hard hitting and good defense is guaranteed, but the questions are, can the Ravens finish a big game with a win. All four losses for Baltimore are due to them not finishing games, in one way or another. If you think the Steelers will win, then the question is, do you think they will cover the 3. The fact is, I'm more confident in trusting Ben Roethlisberger in a playoff game than Joe Flacco, since Ben is 8-2 in playoff games (of course, one of the two is a loss to David Garrard, so hope for Ravens fans). I also think, check that, I know Troy Polamalu is a more important player to Pittsburgh than Ray Lewis or Ed Reed for Baltimore. Therefore, I have the Steelers winning 17-13.

In the nightcap, the questions concerning the two teams is follows: Are the Falcons capable of winning a big game when the spotlight is on them? The fact for them is they play the majority of their games with little attention, except for their three losses to Pittsburgh, Philly and New Orleans. As for the Packers, we need to know if a) James Starks can run like he did last week and b) if Mike McCarthy will hold back the Packers. My thoughts, I just don't trust the Falcons when the world watches them and I think Aaron Rodgers will trump any coaching errors by McCarthy. Plus, I picked Pittsburgh and Green Bay for the Super Bowl in September, why give up on them now? The Packers will win 27-17.

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