Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness Live Blog

Instead of a preview, I decided to live blog the first two days of the tournament. Especially as long as we're looking for great finishes. I will update my blog whenever anything interesting goes on, especially if there's a great finish brewing. Enjoy the best weekend in sports.

12:10 PM: For the record, my Final Four is Kentucky, Missouri, FSU and UNC. No true Cinderella's unfortunately.

12:15 PM: Bill Raftery says Murray State starts in the mantaman. March Madness officially begun. This means I should grab my first beer.

12:22 PM: First commercial break, Colorado State with a good start early, up 7-3. Murray State looks out of synch offensively.

12:26 PM: Murray State down 10-8. Meanwhile, it looks like Mario Williams will be heading to Buffalo. I can't wait to see how much money Williams will get to go there. I'm thinking Haynesworth money.

12:31 PM: Also, it looks like Dwight Howard is going to waive his ETO and remain with Orlando until the end of 2013. This officially the dumbest free agent situation in sports history.

12:38 PM: Murray State has finally arrived, ahead by 3 and we hear the Racers fans for the first time. Kansas St/So Miss is about to begin.

12:54 PM: So Miss and Kansas State has become a horrible rock fight. I thought I left those behind in the Big East Tournament.

1:02 PM: Halftime in Louisville, Colorado State is up 1. Get greeted by the first Napa commercial of the tourney. At least they aren't singing the song anymore (aside from a quick 3 second clip).

1:13 PM: Souther Miss is staying close to Kansas State. In more NBA news, Gerald Wallace will go to the Nets for Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and a top-3 protected first rounder. Wallace adds a scorer for the Nets, while the Blazers could be ready to rebuild with multiple lottery picks. Like it more for Portland.

1:23 PM: Is that Isaish Caanan steal and jam and omen for the second half?

1:30 PM: Southern Miss is somehow only down 3 at halftime. Murray starts the second half with a 7-0 run.

1:37 PM: Pierce Hornung has a beast of a name and is a beast among men today. 13 rebounds already. Too bad it's not translating for CSU.

1:41 PM: The Lakers trade a 1st round pick for Ramon Sessions. He's the missing point guard that will put the Lakers over the top, says no one.

1:42 PM: Zay Jackson with the interception and the trey. 16-2 to start the half by the Racers. Rams are falling apart.

1:52 PM: Louisville-Davidson has tipped. Now, how does Rick Pitino use his success in NYC to bust NCAA brackets this year?

1:55 PM: Caanan hasn't played well today. And Murray State is still up 11. I'd be afraid if I'm facing them in the future.

2:02PM: Missed FT's could comeback to haunt Murray State, as Colorado State is slowly starting to find offensive rhythm. Still up 12, so it's not time to worry.

2:10PM: You know, I always enjoy it when Nets fans are spoon fed how they will get star players and take over New York and buy it; then when the time comes to make a move, the Nets get guys like Travis Outlaw and Gerald Wallace. Deron Williams will look great in a Mavs uniform next season.

2:18PM: Murray State is about to advance. Wisconsin-Montana has tipped off and the Badgers have scored 14 points in 6 minutes. Didn't think they can do it.

2:23PM: Rodney McGruder and Jordan Henriquez are carrying Kansas State. Can two guys win this game against So Miss? Will a third KSU player step up?

2:26 PM: These two trades involve guys who continue to be bongs which NBA teams pass around. Marcus Camby goes to the Rockets; Stephen Jackson goes from Golden State (days after the Warriors acquired him) to San Antonio for Richard Jefferson. I have no clue what the Warriors are thinking, but they have made some horrible deals in the last couple of years when the new ownership took over.

2:31 PM: Louisville took control late in the half, despite no Dieng. Up 8 at the break. Apparently, Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet are going to Portland for Camby. So now 2 of the first six picks in the 2009 NBA Draft have become throw-ins to make the cap work. In just three years.

2:42 PM: KSU up 62-59 with 2:25 left. First chance at a classic finish.

2:50 PM: Dodson's missed 3 means the Wildcats can wrap this up. As long as they make their FT's.

2:55 PM: K State wins by 6. Marquette with a quick start on BYU, just like Iona did. Don't think BYU will win if they go down 25 this time. Just a thought.

3:05 PM: Marquette up 18-5 now on BYU, while Louisville is up by 7. Derek Fisher has been traded to the Rockets, ending an era where PG's licked their chops when facing the Lakers. Still, will Sessions hit those backbreaking three's that Fisher can? And do so while leaving the same incredulous feeling of "how does he make this shot" that Fisher exuded.

3:14 PM: Won't you love how ESPN will treat today's NBA trade deadline like some major moves happened, when it really was just like the NHL's deadline?

3:22 PM: Louisville seem to be suffocating the life out of Davidson. They're up 12, but it feels like 22. Where Steph Curry when you need him? The Warriors ask themselves that same question.

3:40 PM: There is absolutely no close games right now. So it's time for a peak at Syracuse to see how long UNC-Asheville will last. Meanwhile, the Clippers acquired Nick Young from the Wizards in a three-way trade, which sees JaVale McGee go to Denver and Nene go to Washington.

3:43 PM: Some day in Portland; now the Blazers are firing coach Nate McMillan. Stealing all the thunder on NCAA games going on in the city. Time to build around LaMarcus Aldridge and I happen to like this decision.

3:59 PM: Louisville wins. Wisconsin's up 16 with 4:37 left. Marquette up 15 at halftime. Syracuse is the only game worth watch, trailing Asheville by 3. Too soon for upset talk, though.

4:09 PM: Asheville's guard Keith Hornsby is the son of singer Bruce Hornsby, singer of The Way It Is. That's fascinating.

4:20PM: Brandon Triche couldn't get the shot off before the clock expired. Instead of 2 and a possible foul, the Cuse will be down 4 at the half. Still too early to talk about 16 over 1 possibility. Let's wait until the 10 minute mark, or a double digit Asheville lead. Whichever comes first.

4:24 PM: I need to pay attention better. Read this tweet.

4:29PM: LBSU and New Mexico are underway. Meanwhile, BYU is once again rallying in the second half. If they win this game, I'll be afraid of BYU for the rest of the way.

4:38PM: Marquette starting to show that they won't allow BYU back in it. Starting to clamp down on defense.

4:47 PM: Darius Johnson-Odom does what Devante Gardner should have; kick out to open man for three. Marquette back up 13.

4:57 PM: Asheville won't go away yet. Harvard vs Harvard of the South is underway. I really want good things for Tommy Amaker's team, but Vanderbilt is a team I'm all-in on.

5:02 PM: UNC-Asheville up 1, J.P. Primm leads all with 14 points.

5:11 PM: Jaron Lane ties it again for Asheville. 54-54 with 6:21 left. Now we can start to picture the upset as possible.

5:20 PM: 3 for James Southerland. That has to be the dagger. Puts the Cuse up 8 with 2:24 left. UNC-Asheville gave it a good try.

5:23 PM: Syracuse fouls a 3-point shooter. Too bad it didn't fall or the lead would have been cut in half.

5:26 PM: Bulldogs don't quit, make 2 FT's, miss layup, but get the loose ball and timeout. Down 6 with 1:56 left.

5:29 PM: Great feed by Dickey to Atkinson. Asheville down 4.

5:32 PM: I can't believe they called a lane violation on Asheville. The fix is in.

5:33 PM: LANE FOR 3!!!!!!!!!! Bulldogs down 3 with a minute left. Unbelievable.

5:34 PM: This might be it. Though, Triche missed the FT after the layup. Asheville fouled with 38.2 left.

5:37 PM: I was kidding before about the fix. Now, I'm not after that missed out of bounds call. These refs today should be investigated and I'm serious.

5:42 PM: Syracuse barely, despite playing this game 8-on-5. This was a disgrace how UNC-Asheville wasn't allowed a chance to try to win.

5:53 PM: I'm trying to get more excited about New Mexico-Long Beach State, but the stink from Pittsburgh is still strong. I'll put an end to the live blog right here (especially with New Mexico opening things up). I'll be back for the night games.

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