Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celtics Win, Miami Gives "Good Job, Good Effort"

The Celtics went down to Miami tonight and stole Game 5 to take a 3-2 lead in their series over the Heat. The game's turning point also turned out to be the play that most represented the way each team played. After a Dywane Wade block on a Brandon Bass dunk, Rajon Rondo found a way to get the loose ball to Michael Pietrus for a 3. The Heat were up 78-72 when the block happened; the Celtics answered with a 22-10 run to end the game, including a dagger 3 by Paul Pierce in the face of LeBron James. However, all is not lost as there's still a young little Miami Heat fan who still views his heroes in a positive way.

Have a great night, everyone. Good job, good effort.

(h/t to @jose3030 for the video)

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