Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing Shanahan to the Chiefs

Bruce Garrioch is a columnist in Canada for the Ottawa Sun who once reported that Evgeni Malkin was going to be traded to the L.A. Kings. As it turned out, it couldn't be more than false as Malkin signed a contract extension with the Penguins and now they are Cup champions. However, this has forever earned the nickname Bruce "Malkin to the Kings" Garrioch and anytime there is any rumors he breaks, eyes begin to roll and it's never believed (almost always the right idea). Puck Daddy no longer uses Garrioch's name whenever one of his stories make the headlines post, just Malkin to the Kings.

The best American equivalent is Chris Mortensen. Awful Announcing chronicled to accurate detail last August when Mort jumped the gun on the Cards naming Kurt Warner as starter (he was eventually right) all the missed reports Mortensen had. The best example was when Mort reported that the Chiefs fired Herm Edwards and replaced him with Mike Shanahan, because Adam Schefter called him out as being completely wrong. Now it's time to give Mort the same nickname that Garrioch was bestowed, so I hereby name him Chris "Shanahan to the Chiefs" Mortensen. I hope this catches on in the blogosphere.

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