Monday, June 15, 2009

Randomness While The Pirates Are As Close to a Title As They'll Ever Be.

First things first, congratulations are in order for the Pittsburgh Penguins and the L.A. Lakers for win their championships over the weekend. In the Penguins case, the real winner was America; as for the Lakers, the real loser was America. The Penguins championship capped off the most successful NHL season and playoff since 1994 both in style of play and in TV ratings. The Lakers win seemed too anti-climatic and the Magic threw away this series in Game 4 and once again, you can't go through an NBA season without officiating becoming a talking point. Also, anytime a series goes less than six games, it can't be good, unless each game had a game-winning shot.

On the plus side, the NBA playoffs did give us a chance to watch the Leroy Smith commercials, for once, a commercial that you can laugh at for comedic, not unintentional comedic reasons. (Hint, hint Nike, Vitamin Water)

It's about time DirecTV has put NBA TV on the same level on programming as NFL Network, MLB Network and NHL Network. Coming up on the network is years of NBA Draft, giving me a chance to look back on the best and worst of Draft fashion and to follow past Bill Simmons Draft Diaries. I reek of anticipation.

Be lucky I spared you from today's title Luis Castillo; it seemed funnier to see championship and Pittsburgh Pirates in one picture. However, here's some headlines that didn't work: Randomness while Luis Castillo Watches Tom Emanski's Defensive Drills Video, Randomness while A-Rod Thanks Luis Castillo for Sparing Him Further Yankee Fan Outrage.

Looks like Josh McDaniels has been taught well by Bill Belichick. First, he alienates his incumbent quarterback Jay Cutler; then he trades him. Now, Brandon Marshall is looking to get traded and the Broncos fan base already wants him fired. Sounds like Belichick's years with Cleveland. Meaning, Denver fans can anticipate the Broncos moving to L.A. in five years, followed by McDaniels becoming the coach of the Bengals turning them into the preeminent dynasty after years of losing.

These playoffs I've been a little too nice to Sidney Crosby, and I'm unfortunately taking his side in the handshake flap. It was his first Cup and it's not like he was actively trying to avoid shaking Red Wings hands. Yes, he missed Lidstrom and Draper, but give him a break, it was his first Cup. Now if he wins another Cup and does this again, then he deserves to be killed for this.

Real quote from Evan in RW/RR Challenge when he first started in the "Fresh Meat" season, "It was going to be the best experience of his life because he was competing 'with his idols.'" Also congrats should go to Evan for winning this season in New Zealand, as well as Rachael, but just like in the Stanley Cup, the real winner, America. This season had castmates complain about needing money and not finding work; perhaps because they always stop what they're doing to do this show. To top it off, the spelling bee was the greatest reality show moment in history. We get great words like "thron", "frate"and "mellinum".

Finally, it's time I give Kobe Bryant credit after winning this championship. I still say that LeBron is the better player because his size and skill set has never been seen before and that the Lakers won because they had the best supporting cast with Gasol, Odom, Ariza, etc. However, Kobe has solidified himself as a top-10 all-time player with the title and the pass he made to Derek Fisher for three in the OT of Game 4 that gave the Lakers the lead reminded me of Jordan's passing to Jim Paxson when he won his first title. I still can't get over how the Magic blew this series and making my preview column look foolish, but the Lakers deserved to win and I can't wait until next season. How will the Cavs get better? (Shaq?) Will KG be healthy next year? How do the Lakers respond after winning? Does Phil Jackson retire? All unanswered questions that will be rehashed in October.

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