Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Agency Preview

NBA and NHL Free Agency are about to start and in the case of the NBA, would start once you start reading this post. Of course, no one can sign until July 8 in the NBA because the week will be a negotiating period as the NBA sets the cap (likely at $56.1 million). The NHL will start at noon and the moves likely will take place in flurries. For the first time, I will use this blog with continuous updates on all the NHL signings and if any NBA players make decisions on their futures. Now a few thoughts and predictions on the past few days.

-How does Richard Jefferson opt out of $15 million dollars? By doing this, the Spurs doesn't have to break up Duncan/Ginobili/Parker and are slightly under the cap and can make smaller moves to make them better as George Hill and Dejuan Blair continue to develop.

-The Blackhawks continue to add cap space by trading Kris Versteeg to the Maple Leafs with a prospect for three prospects. This move should allow Chicago to keep Andrew Ladd as well as hang on to Niklas Hjalmarsson and Antti Niemi. As for Toronto, they get another forward in their 43 year rebuilding period and gave up nothing of real value.

Here's my NBA picks:

-LeBron: Bulls
-Bosh: Bulls
-Wade: Miami
-Amare: Knicks
-Joe Johnson: Hawks
-Dirk: Mavs
-Boozer: Miami
-Rudy Gay: Knicks
-David Lee: Nets
-Pierce: Celtics
-Allen: Celtics
-Richard Jefferson: Clippers (for comedy sake)

As for my NHL picks:

-Kovalchuk: Kings
-Nabokov: Thrashers
-Turco: Sharks
-Dan Hamhius: Pens
-Gonchar: Pens
-Volchekov: Caps
-Zybnek Michalek: Sens
-Biron: Rangers
-Afinogenov: KHL

Enjoy the madness.

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