Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Deal of the Day

No, it's not a big name free agent or team, but Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Drew Gooden agreed to a 5 year/$32 million deal with the Bucks. The Bucks have been looking for size, seeing as they drafted Larry Sanders and Keith Gallon. Fact is, we won't hear about Gooden again until his last year of the contract when his $6 mil/year salary would be a good expiring. This is immediately one of the worst 20 contracts in the league. But the Bucks won't be made or broken by this move, since no top player would ever sign there. The more I think about it, this move really is reminiscent to '01 when the Bucks signed Anthony Mason (a past-his-prime, out-of-shape Mason) and it completely derailed a Bucks team that went to the East Finals and led to Ray Allen being traded. Let's hope Gooden doesn't cause the same if you're a Bucks fan.

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