Thursday, July 1, 2010

More NHL Signings

Plenty of moves happened that don't really deserve a stand alone post. Let's start with Antero Nittymaki going to the Sharks. Most of the reaction has been negative, but I think the Sharks are getting a steal with him. Let's face it, getting a top flight goalie didn't matter for either Cup participant, plus Nabokov was right to let leave and Marty Turco is to me buyer beware. If the Sharks get another top-4 D-man, Nittymaki will be fine.

Dan Ellis is headed to Tampa, another good move for Steve Yzerman. Ellis is a very capable goalie and I think give Mike Smith a run for his money to take his job. And at two years/$3, not a bad deal salary-wise as well.

The Leafs made their first move by signing Colby Armstrong to a three year/$9 million deal. He'll fit as either a bottom forward with some scoring or a top forward as Kessel-protection. Doesn't turn them into a playoff team.

The Penguins got their second defensemen, signing Paul Martin to a five year/$25 million deal. Martin will add to the Pens blueline as a smart, puck moving D-man. Still, the Pens haven't addressed their lack of wingers and I don't think they ever will in Ray Shero's tenure.

Derek Morris was resigned by the Coyotes which goes to show that Phoenix is the only place Morris is considered a valuable player. They also signed Ray Whitney to a two year/$6 million contract. I like the Whitney move since he hasn't really declined yet and will proven invaluable to a young team learning to win. The question for the Yotes, does this mean the end for Matt Lombardi?

The Buffalo Sabres lost a couple players, it's an annual tradition for them. Toni Lydman leaves for the Ducks, signing for a 3 years/$9 million deal. Meanwhile, Henrik Tallinder signs for 4 years at $3.375 per with the Devils as Paul Martin's replacement. His key role will be mentoring future Swedish defensemen the Devils have coming up. Stay tuned for more moves.

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