Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gonchar to the Sens and more

The biggest signing of the first hour was Sergei Gonchar signing with the Ottawa Senators for 3 years/$5.5 mil per. According to Pierre LeBrun, the Pens would have signed him to that deal if he wasn't over 35. This means Volchenkov is definitely gone and now the Pens might be in on two defensemen. I think three years for Gonchar can work, but the first year must be good. If not, then it will be a bust. Remember, Gonchar gets hurt a lot, and that's why I was wary to sign him.

The Rangers resigned Erik Christensen to a two year deal just days after everyone in NY questioned his sanity for rejecting a deal. Looks like Christensen got a little more with about $975K/year. Good move by Rangers since any move that isn't a cap crippling move is a good thing. That's what its come to for the Glen Sather Era, don't f--- s--- up too much.

Also, Alex Tanguay is going back to Calgary for one year at $1.7 million. If he has anything left, this is the best place to see, with previous success. The big story for the Flames is a rumored Marc Savard-Robin Regehr trade. Both guys have no movement clauses, both solve issues for both teams (Flames need a playmaking center for Iginla, Bruins find a taker for Savard and get a good D-man for their trouble). Stay tuned.

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