Thursday, July 1, 2010

Even David Kahn is Laughing

And he just gave Darko Milicic a four year deal, which will lead to Al Jefferson being traded.

It started when the Flyers signed Jody Shelley to a three year/$1.1 million per deal. This says my reaction to the move. Shelley not only filled the void that Colton Orr left as the enforcer, which Donald Brashear never did, he exceeded him by showing ability as a all-around hockey player. The Rangers decided he wasn't worth that much.

It would have been defensible until they signed Derek Boogaard for 4 years/$1.65 per. Boogaard, who's while being one of the most intimidating enforcers, has no ability to do anything other than fight. The last four years, Boogaard hasn't scored a goal, so I guess if he scores once for the Rangers, this move worked. This was the worst contract given of the day because of the length more than the money, though the money sucks. And the entire hockey world was laughing.

Then, Darryl Sutter came in and stole the thunder, by bringing back Olli Jokinen. Yes, that Olli Jokinen. The same guy who's lost the shootout for the Rangers on the last day of the regular season, missing the playoffs and letting the Flyers go to the Stanley Cup Final. The same guy who was such a disaster in Calgary that they took on the remaining two years of Ales Kotalik's deal to get rid of him, when all they needed was to let his contract lapse. Yet, they sign him and Sutter supposedly said they should have never let him go in the first place, or something to that effect, which Darren Dreger of TSN reported on the air. It inspired this tweet from Dreger. It was laugh-out-loud funny to everyone in the hockey world and yours truly.

The question of course, which was the more ridiculous move, Boogey to the Rangers or Olli to the Flames. This one I will have to put as a new poll, already next to the LeBron poll. I'm curious how this poll turns out.

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