Monday, September 6, 2010

Why College Football Needs Boise State to Win Tonight

I know I'm writing this as the game between Boise State and Virginia Tech will be underway, but I had to write this after reading Ty Duffy's piece on The Big Lead and Gregg Doyel's column on Both share the view that Boise State winning this game would be bad for the sport. Boise State only has this game with Virginia Tech and the rest of the schedule is for the most part easy. Meanwhile, every BCS team will have tougher schedules with 3 or 4 top 25 teams to play, more than likely. And you know what, I agree with them, Boise wouldn't deserve to play for a national title appearance compared to teams like a Florida or Oklahoma.

That is why I fully support Boise going to the national title game.

Fact is, we need to force the sport to go into a playoff. The best argument to having a playoff would be a non-AQ team reaching the BCS Title game because they were ranked top 5, beat a good team (top-10 preferable) and coast with an easy schedule to an undefeated season, screwing over a one-loss Big 12 or SEC team. It would have to be a one-loss team because two undefeated teams in BCS conferences would jump ahead of Boise, no question in my mind.

If Boise wins and goes unbeaten, they reach the title game if no one else is unblemished. And if they win the BCS Title game? Then you will hear from the Alabama's and the Ohio State's that they shouldn't win because of their easy schedule and weak league competition. Once again, they're right. However, all I have to say is too bad. You wanted this system (I know the ACC and SEC would accept a plus-one game, but if they wanted the other conferences to join, they could) and now when it works against you, you're upset. The past has shown teams like Auburn get jobbed of a chance for a national title, but a USC would win and not get all the conference to be upset. This should get the big six conferences upset about Boise winning and perhaps it would motivate them to change the system. Anything to change the system is fine with me.

So, I want Boise to win tonight and screw over all the teams and schools and fans and media writers that screwed them over in the past. Fairness be damned, unless it leads to a playoff, the only fair way to decide a title.

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