Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 5 Picks

The plan this week was to have a power poll to go along with my picks this week. That isn't going to happen, so instead it will be pushed back a week as we have another week that teams can show who's good and who's not. As for my picks, last week should have been better, since I reached a couple times when I shouldn't. This week, the picks are harder, but I do plan to get at least 10 correct today on 10/10/10.

(Home team in CAPS)

BALTIMORE (-7.5) over Denver

Can't see the Broncos winning two in a row on the road. Not against a Ravens team that will focus on the Orton and his WR's and not without any solid contribution from the ground game.

BUFFALO (-1) over Jacksonville

Perfect week for the Bills to win. Coming off a bad loss to the Jets, and should be more motivated to win. Jags coming off their biggest win of the year and will likely have a letdown. First game which if Buffalo loses, 0-16 can happen.

INDIANAPOLIS (-7.5) over Kansas City

Honestly, I don't know if the Colts are good this year. The Chiefs have yet to play a tough road game yet. Somethings going to give here. I'll take my chances with the Colts at home with Peyton Manning.

St. Louis (+3) over DETROIT

Very impressed with what I've seen from the Rams and while I'm impressed with the Lions, I think they're a little banged up to beat the Rams. Though, Calvin Johnson is an equalizer.

Atlanta (-3) over CLEVELAND

The Browns relapse back into the team they really are and I think the Falcons will learn from the scare against the Niners.

Tampa Bay (+7) over CINCINNATI

Not high on the Bengals at all, while the Bucs were closer in that Steelers game than the scoreboard indicates. Two of Batch's TD passes were up for grabs.

Chicago (+3) over CAROLINA

You're wondering, why take a team with Todd Collins starting on the road. Because I expect Julius Peppers to dominate against his former team. Helps that the other QB is a rookie.

Green Bay (-3) over WASHINGTON

The Packers should be better, plus the Redskins just won a huge game with the Eagles. Aaron Rodgers should be able to throw like Matt Schaub did a couple weeks ago.

Giants (+3) over HOUSTON

Still not too sold on the Texans yet, though it would be tougher with Andre Johnson. Giants have shown they can stop the run, when they don't play 6 DBs. Plus, everyone seems on the Texans.

ARIZONA (+7) over New Orleans

Yes, I know that this is Max Hall's first start, but if he's mediocre, he's better than Derek Anderson. Plus, I officially don't trust the Saints, who haven't covered a spread all year.

OAKLAND (+7) over San Diego

I want to see the Chargers win a game on the road before I lay a touchdown on them. Besides, the Raiders play better in the Black Hole and at the very least, keep games close.

DALLAS (-7) over Tennessee

Interesting sports day in Arlington, with the Rangers looking to close out the Rays. You can pass on the Titans and Romo will find Austin a lot today.

SAN FRANCISCO (-3.5) over Philadelphia

Here's two more cities involving teams playing baseball today. The Niners are very close to winning a game; now that they're home, there's a good chance with Kolb starting.

JETS (-4.5) over Minnesota

Once again, New York will beat Minnesota, this time the football variety. Too soon for Moss to make an impact for the Vikings and Brett Favre will get beat up tomorrow night.

Week 4 record: 8-6
Season Record: 34-25-3

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