Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Giants America's Game

With a lot of attention still being paid to the Giants after their Super Bowl victory, I decided to look at what the Giants get to take part in now that they are champions. On the night before the season begins, the NFL Network will premiere the latest America's Game (or the day before that) featuring the Giants Super Bowl season. Now, in past years, some of the choices as subjects to use to take their story of the season have been easy (usually the head coach, QB and a defensive player since they've created ones involving champions since the series started). However, the Giants are the first example of a repeat winner amongst those since the 2006 Colts (I don't include the 2005 Steelers because they had major turnover when Bill Cowher and Jerome Bettis retired and Joey Porter went to Miami). Now, they will replace Michael Strahan from the 2007 Giants, but do they keep Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin? I believe they shouldn't (if you must keep one of them, go with Eli) and here's some players I would go with in their place.

Justin Tuck- You have to have Tuck in this edition. He's not only the Giants defensive captain, but he was their best defender in Super Bowl XLVI.

Victor Cruz- Made the biggest play on offense in the Giants season when he scored on that 99-yard TD pass against the Jets. Plus, you can tell his story as an undrafted free agent and comment on his salsa dance

Hakeem Nicks- If you chose not to include Cruz, Nicks is more than enough, since he was the Giants most consistent receiver, and has his touchdowns against the Falcons and Packers, plus his 10 catches in the big game to talk about.

Corey Webster- Would be nice if the Giants best cornerback had a chance to tell his story. I'm sure no one even knows how good he played all season despite a secondary that was crippled with injury.

Antrel Rolle- Mainly because he's interesting and dependable for some good quotes.

Ahmad Bradshaw- Best Giants running back, scored the winning TD in the Super Bowl and can comment on how he probably shouldn't have scored it at that point.

If there are any others you think would be good fits to be on America's Game, please share (I know everyone will say "Why no JPP", because I think others are more interesting at this point in Pierre-Paul's career). Later, I will share who I think the Giants should play on Opening Night and who I think they will play.

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