Thursday, February 9, 2012

Giants Opener

Earlier today, I wrote about the possible Giants who could be on America's Game in September (forgetting Mario Manningham, who scored in the three games leading up to the Super Bowl, plus the big catch that led to the win). Now, let's look at who will play the Giants to kickoff the NFL season. Bare in mind, the way I'm looking at this is who NBC would want in terms of marquee matchup and who the Giants want in terms of avoiding embarrassment in the opener, let's everyone think they will be one and done. Let's look at the Giants home opponents.

Dallas: Would be a great matchup for NBC and the Giants will probably assume they'll beat them again as well. So what's the problem? Fox. They didn't air either Cowboys-Giants game last year and I guarantee you they would be up in arms if they weren't scheduled both games. Odds for the opener: 20-1

Philadelphia: NBC always loves to have Giants-Eagles on. I, on the other hand, do not want to see the Giants face the Eagles and take a chance of Michael Vick making us look foolish. Plus, they would show the DeSean Jackson TD from two years ago, something that I'm sure Giants management wants being shown over and over. Odds for the opener: 20-1

Washington: Only if they have Peyton Manning would this be the opener (and it will be in that event). Otherwise, why would anyone want to show Redskins games on national TV, except when they have to show them on NFL Network. Odds for the opener: 100-1, 5-1 if Peyton is on the team.

Green Bay: Let's see; they played twice last year, a thriller in the Meadowlands and the win at Lambeau in the Divisional Round. Rodgers vs Eli. Oh, and these are the last two Super Bowl Champs. Just like last year's game featured the last two champs. Odds for the opener: 7-1

New Orleans: Change from last two Super Bowl champs to 2 of the last 3. Brees vs Eli. Eli vs Archie's former team. Not in the Superdome, so the Giants stand a chance of winning. Odds for the opener: 8-1

Tampa Bay: Only storyline is Greg Schiano's debut game back near where he coached at Rutgers. Otherwise, this is an awful matchup. Odds for the opener: 200-1

Cleveland: Take away the Schiano connection. That's Browns-Giants. Feel the excitement!!!! Odds for the opener: 500-1

Pittsburgh: Now we're talking. Eli vs Ben; battle of the best QB's in the 2004 Draft. Rooney's against the Mara's (perhaps the winner can keep the Oscar should Rooney Mara win). Inter-conference game, so the Giants don't get hurt too badly if they lose. To me, this is who they should play. Odds for the opener: 5-1

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