Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 12 Picks

This year's Thanksgiving games basically had the good (RGIII's great day in Dallas), the bad (how the Lions gave up their game with the Texans) and the ugly (anything the Jets did that night). Now that we've finished our turkey and what not, there's some more NFL to digest today, including some monster matchups.

Minnesota (+6) over CHICAGO

I know Jay Cutler is playing today, but who knows how he'll play coming off that concussion. Let's just hope that we don't see much Christian Ponder in this one.

CINCINNATI (-8) over Oakland

Raiders playing at 10 AM PST start is never a good thing, plus they still are without Darren McFadden (probably won't play again this year, based on his history). Only worry is that this would precisely be the game that the Bengals would lose.

CLEVELAND (+2) over Pittsburgh

If there's ever a chance for the Browns to beat the Steelers, it's today. Charlie Batch is starting. No Antonio Brown again for Pittsburgh as well.

INDIANAPOLIS (-3) over Buffalo

It's tough to go into New England for the first time ever and win as a rookie. It's also tough for the Bills to win back-to-back games in the second half to inspire hope for your fanbase.

JACKSONVILLE (+3.5) over Tennessee

Might the Jaguars not be as bad as their record indicates? Yes, they were blown out by the Colts a couple weeks ago, but with Chad Henne at QB, the Jags are somewhat competent. And shouldn't a somewhat competent team be able to win against the Titans? I say yes.

KANSAS CITY (+10) over Denver

I was probably going to pick the Broncos, but then I read this article this morning. Manning has trouble with Crennel, plus no Willis McGahee equals take the points.

MIAMI (+3) over Seattle

I know the Dolphins have floundered a bit lately and the Seahawks are coming off a bye, yet I don't like them in the longest road trip of the season. Add the 10AM PST start time and the Dolphins win a close one.

TAMPA BAY (+1.5) over Atlanta

Last year, I had a bet on the Bucs winning the NFC. I probably should have done the same this year. At least it's a better chance this time around (on second thought, Greg Schiano-coached teams find ways to lose at the worst moments, so no). Still will win today.

Baltimore (Pick'em) over SAN DIEGO

I'm convinced this is the Norv Turner death march. Too many teams have coaches in death march mode right now, and this will hit San Diego like the Arab Spring.

St. Louis (+1.5) over ARIZONA

If only the Cardinals had a QB (even Kevin Kolb would suffice), they would be a playoff team. Good defense, good special teams, two great players (Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson). Have to take the Rams here.

NEW ORLEANS (+1.5) over San Francisco

Probably the game that will dictate whether or not the Saints can complete this comeback of a season to make the playoffs. Helps that they have the Niners at home in the dome.

Green Bay (+3) over GIANTS

I'm not sure why the Giants seem to have a lot of people on them today. Aaron Rodgers will feast off their defense and the Giants normally play weaker at home. Very pessimistic about this one.

Carolina (+3) over PHILADELPHIA

This is the Death March Bowl. We know both Andy Reid and Ron Rivera are through after this year. Looks like a good night to return to watching wrestling.

This week: 0-3
Season: 81-77-4

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