Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Changing Of The Guard?

Serena Williams has been dominating women's tennis since 1999, but in particular, she was in the midst of one of her greatest runs of her career. She was seeded 3rd going into the Aussie Open, but we knew that she was the favorite to win the tournament. And then Sloane Stephens happened to derail her run of majors and perhaps to begin a new era of American women's tennis.

Stephens came from behind to knock off Serena 3-6, 7-5, 6-4. To be fair, Serena was battling back spasms, so this wasn't Williams at her best. Still, this victory represents the first time that Serena lost to a younger American. Stephens is 19 years old and figures to be around for a long time.

As for Serena, I'm sure she still will be among the very best when the tennis season continues the rest of the majors, but a glimpse into the future is needed as we'll soon be in a world where Serena Williams isn't the dominant women's tennis player.

If there's one thing to remember from Serena's tourney, it's this:

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