Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Preview

There's not much else to be said for today's Super Bowl between the Ravens and the 49ers. We will see the Harbaugh brothers match wits against one another. We will see the last game of Ray Lewis' career (no more deer antler spraying for him). Ed Reed will play in his first Super Bowl. Randy Moss try to win his first Super Bowl, despite not being the same player he was when he played in his first one 5 years ago to the day. Colin Kaepernick looks to go from unknown backup to Super Bowl champion in a quicker span than Tom Brady did (though not a quickly as Jeff Hostetler did, at least during a singular season). Joe Flacco will try to solidify a giant payday after this game (though Neil O'Donnell's awful Super Bowl didn't stop the Jets from giving him huge money, which makes their interest in JaMarcus Russell no surprise)

It's been a great run for the Ravens, reminds me of the Giants Super Bowl runs. The difference between the two Super Bowl runs is the Giants defense was a little more dynamic than the Ravens are at this point and the 49ers have a more difficult to defend offense than the Patriots in my eyes because they are dangerous both on the ground and through the air. Too much read option for the 49ers will do it. San Francisco wins 31-20 and turns the Bay Area into the next Titletown America.

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