Monday, May 18, 2009

McMahon vs Kroenke in a Steel Cage Match

Now usually I don't put up multiple posts on a given day, but this is the best story that's not part of my randomness post. The Denver Nuggets double-booked the Pepsi Center for Memorial Day as they have WWE Raw taking place there on the same night as supposedly Game 4 of the Lakers-Nuggets series. Vince McMahon isn't ready to give away the Raw event without a fight:

Wow, this is amazing video, especially if you're aware that Jonathan Coachman worked with the WWE for almost decade. Honestly, Stan Kroenke is at fault with this as the NBA has the playoffs scheduled basically years in advance, particularly during the last two rounds and they always have the conference final series that airs on ESPN/ABC play Memorial Day and every other year, it's the Western Finals on ESPN. Kroenke essentially made his bed by agreeing to the date in August and not giving an out clause in the contract should the Nuggets needed the court. Vince McMahon has every right to show up there on Monday and the most important thing for him is that Raw is live and the WWE can't lose face here. Any other day (aside from a PPV) and McMahon, I'm sure, goes away quietly. Kroenke's a lightweight here, so the real question is in what way does David Stern gets involved.

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