Saturday, May 9, 2009

Randomness while being thankful I never played basketball at Queensbridge

- Ron Artest has proven to be the most interesting player during the playoffs. Whether it's calling Brandon Roy the best player he guarded (aside from someone who's in jail), claiming Charles Barkley was overrated, sitting in the stands and joking about it, giving Yao Ming some personality, bringing back the Anthony Mason hair cut with a mohawk, getting into it with Kobe or talking about a friend of his who died on the court in QB; Artest is appointment TV whenever the press talks to him.

- As for the Lakers-Rockets series, it looks like the Lakers have things back in control. Especially with Yao out for the playoffs. And if Artest keeps getting himself ejected from games. But, this has been a good series, very 80s or early 90s like with the physical play.

- Once again Dallas Mavericks fans, I feel your pain. Bennett Salvadore's crew strikes again just like it did in the 2006 NBA Finals as there wasn't a foul called before Carmelo Anthony's Larry Johnsonesque three-pointer to win Game 3. The Mavs had a foul to give and if called, the Nuggets have about 3 seconds to inbound and shoot. Denver was going to win the series anyway, but now there's no doubt.

- Not much to say about the Cavs since they are still on track. As for Orlando-Boston, the Magic need to win tomorrow night, if they lose, they won't win in Boston. Both series aren't worth watching, as the Cavs are MUCH better than Atlanta, its like fishing with dynamite. And the Magic-Celtics series is just like the Heat-Hawks last round, no close games.

- On the other hand, it's nice to know Rafer Alston reads this blog as he knows it was okay to slap Eddie House.

- Alright I'll say, can we get rid of the hype man at NBA arenas. And that is one of about 467 ways that I would make the NBA better if I was the commissioner.

- On to hockey, where the Pens have rallied to take a 3-2 lead in the series over the Caps. Crosby and Ovechkin have been huge, but Malkin scoring the big goal is finally playing better. By the way, Alex Semin, where are you? You're as missing right now as Andrew Bynum. Ovie can't do it all, though he comes close to doing it.

- Eric Staal has taken over his series against the Bruins as Carolina can win the series tomorrow night. Cam Ward has played well and Jussi Jokinen is this year's Johan Franzen. Of course, Carolina is in the process of ruining the NHL's wet dream of a season. Ratings are up, Chicago and Boston are back and vibrant, but if Carolina goes to the Finals, it would kill the momentum the league is having.

- The Anaheim Ducks would do the same thing and God forbid it's Ducks-Canes in the Finals. Ratings would plummet back to 06-07 numbers. The good news, the Wings look like they finally got to Jonas Hiller. If they win in Detroit tomorrow, they should take the series.

- Continuing on the ruining the playoffs department, I would like to thank the Vancouver Canucks for playing the games in Chicago with the trap. When we are watching a new, exciting NHL games that are bring fans back, they have to come out with the defensive system responsible for turning fans away in the first place, along with overexpansion and the 94-95 lockout.

- In classic A-Rod fashion, he returns with a home run on his first pitch of the season. The reason it's classic A-Rod fashion is because it's his way of teasing us. Of course, the Yankees need every bit of it. Plus more games like CC Sabathia pitched last night. What they can't have is starts like Phil Hughes tonight, and homestands where the Red Sox and Rays sweep because of no timely hitting and a bad bullpen. A more pertanent question, are this year's Yankees last year's Mets? We'll find out if there's a collapse in the forecast.

- Speaking of the Mets, they seem to finally have some rhythm as they have started to hit in the clutch, and their starters are pitching better. In a related story, Ollie Perez is no longer in the rotation.

- Many thanks to Zack Greinke for his blistering start, making the Royals and My Cousin Yuri in the fantasy world look good and better than they could be, respectively. Even though he looks like he's going to lose his game 1-0 (this is being written Saturday night).

- Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will have their fight in November, assume Juan Manuel Marquez does right and loses in July. It could also be in October or December. Regardless, I will do everything in my power to watch that fight.

-The final word goes back to the NBA. LeBron James has clearly passed Kobe as the best player in the league. Kobe has shown some age and now relies on his jumper while less and less drives to the basket. Don't view this as a knock on Kobe and he's still an assassin and when the game's on the line, he's still my first pick to take that shot. But LeBron continues to perfect his game and the Olympic experience has matured his game; made him more focused and grounded. LeBron is rightfully the best player in the game and the rightful MVP, so Laker fans, you can stop chanting M-V-P for Kobe.

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