Thursday, May 14, 2009

Series-clinching Thursday Live Blog

Huge night in sports as the NBA had must-wins for the Magic and the Rockets in their Game 6's. Meanwhile, the NHL had dueling Game 7's with the Red Wings hosting the Anaheim Ducks and the Hurricanes faced the Bruins. Thus, I decided to use my Twitter page to do a running diary.

7:02- We are live in the headquarters of The Cycle where I've cracked open my first Bud Light choosing drinkability for the night. Stay thirsty, my friends.

7:10- Pregame picks: Both Bostons, Lakers and Red Wings win tonight.

7:17- Osgood matching Marc-Andre Fleury from last night with a great save early in tonight's Game 7, Ducks on the power play.

7:20- Wow, 5 on 3 Ducks for a minute, doesn't the NHL want their glamour teams winning? The NHL, "Where meaningless teams get to win happens."

7:23- Wings survive the Ducks push early, Ducks look much better to start, while the WIngs look a little like the Caps last night. Wings power play.

7:25- WHOA... How dare Mike Tricio steal Gus Johnson's "Rise and Fire" line for a Lewis jumper. Soon he'll be saying "I'm Al Harrington and I get buckets."

7:28- Another stick save by Osgood, still holding the fort. Celtics by 3.

7:30- Both games on commercial, a chance to watch CC get out of the 1st with a good catch by Damon. When he carries this team, their in trouble.

7:36- Three's by Scalbrine (the benefactor of the KG injury), Pietrus then a House jumper to end the 1st. 25-22 C's. Nothing special yet.

7:38- This is the wrong series for Pavel Datsyuk to play in. The Ducks are just too physical for him to create.

7:40- The Red Wings are always in the right spot, Franzen shot, deflected by Hudler, 1-0 Detroit.

7:42- Worst part of the tonight's Game 7's, that I have to watch B's-Canes with Jack Edwards. The best part, I get to listen to Andy Brickley.

7:48- End of the 1st Period, Wings 1 Ducks 0. More importantly, no continuation fights from Tuesday.

7:57- Mike Tricio seems to say something and the opposite happens. Tirico: "Celtics offense has hit a rut." "Turkoglu hasn't hit a shot...until now", now if only he could say Keith can't find work?

8:01- This night of sports is helped by The Sports Guy's chat. Well done Simmons.

8:04- Now that I'm watching the C's-Magic for a while, it's clear Orlando has checked out of this series, aside from Mickael Pietreus. Even the Caps had Ovechkin be the only player showing up last night.

8:06- Now's its time to real showcase my remote skills as B's-Canes is underway. O/U goals I miss in person: 2.5. I have to take the under.

8:08- Also clear, the Magic are better and if they play better and SVG puts the right guys in, they should dominate.

8:16- Well I wish I had taken the over, Darren Helm scores, just saw the replay. 2-0 Wings.

8:19- Halftime in Orlando, 46-45 C's. Magic go on 11-2 run then two Pierce FTs and one by Alston.

8:23- Another Red Wings power play, Ducks can't stop using the stick on players. Wings close to taking full control.

8:24- Another goal missed. Bruins 1-0, not even a replay. Excuse me while I stick my head in the toilet.

8:28- BYRON BITZ!!!! He scores the goal? That's like if Colton Orr scored for the Rangers in Game 7 of the Caps series.

8:35- Great job by Datsyuk to kill the 5 on 3 and the less than sellout in Detroit is very loud right now.

8:38- About time I saw a goal for myself, Teemu Selanne after taking a crushing hit, with the nifty move to make it 2-1. My thumbs are safe for another minute.

8:39- Wings answer after Datsyuk took a HUGE hit on the boards but somehow threw it back to Mikael Samuelsson to make it 3-1.

8:42- And naturally I miss the Canes equalizer. Dennis Seidenberg makes me wrong with my O/U.

8:43-Corey Perry scores for Anaheim to make it 3-2 Wings.

8:45- OMG!!! Chris Osgood is playing the game of his life. Making save after save. Coming from a man who's won 3 Stanley Cups, I'm impressed.

8:46- End of 2, Wings 3-2. Meanwhile, it's 1-1 in Boston, time to watch the Magic-Celtics.

8:50- Remember when J.J. Redick went to Duke and we all hated and feared him. Now with Orlando, I no longer hate him nor fear him. I miss it.

8:55- I wish I could do a better job writing the Celtics-Magic, but this game is pretty boring. Plus, the hockey games are more on my mind.

8:59- I flip back on the Celtics game, their 9-point lead is cut to five.

9:01- If Dwight Howard is supposed to be the best big man in the league, you don't let Rondo get 14 boards before the 4th quarter.

9:03- Now Tirico steals "Helter Skelter" from Doc Emrick. But avoids using Bill Raftery's "And a Kiss" when Skip to my Lou kisses the ref's head.

9:05- Now if only the Magic can keep running the alley oop play with Howard all night.

9:07- All of a sudden, Starbury is beginning to play well. BTW, gotta keep writing my book in the 2000s Knicks. It will be called Truck Parties and Lawsuits, the Fall of the Knicks.

9:12- WHAT!!! The Wings whistle the "Potvin Sucks" chant. How dare they? Its bad enough the Devils do it and change the target, but Detroit? I'm pissed.

9:16- Ducks tie it. Bobby Ryan makes it 3-3. Versus biggest nightmare is OT and no one can watch the Canes-B's game, unless they paid the $79 on NHL Center Ice, like Bill Simmons did.

9:18- Finally saw a goal in the Bruins game. Sergei Samsonov makes it 2-1 Carolina.

9:22- Rajon Rondo bringing back the Magic Johnson act: 17 points, 16 boards, 6 dimes. OMG, how can all 3 be on commercial now?

9:30- Hard work leads to glory, Dan Cleary scores with 3 min left to give Detroit a 4-3 lead.

9:33- Ducks have trouble getting out of their end, now its in the Wings zone and Hiller leaves for an extra skater. 30 seconds left.

9:38- After a great stop by Osgood, the Red Wings win it 4-3. Chicago-Detroit West Final. Bettman pisses himself in joy. At the same time, the second period ends in Boston with the Canes still up 2-1.

9:40- Turkoglu hits a three to make it Magic by 6. Is there a comeback left in the Celtics?

9:44- This looks about done. And the Celtics can only look at themselves in the mirror as they gave a team who was ready to quit some life. 22 turnovers is inexcuseable. Also, Dwight Howard played his best game of the series.

9:46- Game over, series tied at 3 as the Magic win 83-75. Almost time for LA-Hou and the Bruins-Canes 3rd Period.

9:49- Save of the year by Aaron Ward as he puts a stick on the puck before it goes in the net. And no, he doesn't play goalie for the Bruins. Bruins are still alive.

10:00- Good start by the Rockets, however, they started well on Tuesday.

10:04- Milan Lucic ties it up in Boston. Great goal for the poor man's Cam Neely.

10:06- Lakers look like they showed up the same way as they did in Game 4. Hence, they trail 17-1. Bruins are buzzing right now.

10:11- Tonight's Game 7's have gone much better for the NHL. All they need is the Bruins winning and they will have a TV-friendly Finals matchup.

10:17- I feel tense watching the Bruins-Canes game and I don't care about either team. I don't even have the typical Boston hate with the Bruins to have me root against them.

10:23- Tim Thomas with the header, taking the wrister off the mask, then makes another save. The fact is the hockey goalie is the toughest position in sports, more pressure than any other.

10:27- OT in Boston, Kobe's 3-11 to start with six points, not a great sign for the Lakers. 33-21 Rockets.

10:34- Nervously awaiting OT and this Laker game isn't helping. I'll be back when the OT starts.

10:46- The puck is dropped!!!

10:49- Another great save by Thomas. Certainly, he should win the Vezina this year.

10:51- Bruins-Canes now gets the DVR treatment, now I won't miss the goal if I wander away. It's like giving a two-year old a playpen.

10:55- Aaron Ward first saves the game, then crushes Tuumo Ruutu. Why couldn't he play like this when he wore a Rangers sweater.

10:58- Rockets by 16 at halftime, hopefully the hockey game ends before the 2nd half begins, so I can focus.

11:00- WE WANT IT has to be the lamest chant you can say at a sporting event. Come'on, think of something clever. If not, stick with "Let's go Bruins".

11:07- Even Simmons has slowed down with his chat, and he's a professional writer.

11:10- There is nothing as pulse-pounding in all of sports as a Stanley Cup Playoff Game 7 in OT. Nothing!!!

11:17- Scott Walker seals himself as the ultimate Boston villian, first the sucker punch on Ward, now scores the winner as the Canes take the series.

11:23- Back to Houston, where it's all of a sudden 54-45?

11:28- Now it's 54-50, 14-2 Laker run. What the hell happened to the Rockets? Once again, the Lakers turn it on and off, their trademark.

11:33- Huge sequence: Kobe gives the ball away to Battier, leads to Landry 3 pt play. Kobe responds with a jumper.

11:37- Aaron Brooks hits 3, Rockets back up by 8.

11:51- Rockets keep their heads above water, and lead by 9 after 3. Kobe to start the 4th on the bench

11:59- Timeout on the floor, the Lakers without Kobe haven't sunk the team, Kobe has the chance to win this series.

12:03- David Stern roots for the officials. Everyone who reads this should come up with a comment about this. Especially if you follow the NBA like I do.

12:05- Carl Landry has been huge in this game, Kobe's waiting to go in, and the Rockets are starting to open it up midway thru the 4th.

12:11- Looking at the statline, if this score holds up, it's because of Scola and Landry scoring and nothing outside Kobe and Pau for the Lakers.

12:13- Something new for everyone to emulate, Kobe biting his jersey when going for the ball. Don't know what I think of this.

12:17- Aaron Brooks is rightfully proving me wrong for not including him with Scola and Landry. He's been amazing in the last two home games.

12:22- I guess it's about time to prepare for two Game 7s in the NBA on Sunday. No way I do another live tweet/blog this soon. Too much work and not enough words.

12:27- Show of hands, who thought there would be a Game 7 in this series once Yao went down? I know I didn't.

12:30- Wow, Mark Jackson took Kenny "The Jet" Smith to task for wearing a red Rockets blazer and bow tie on Inside the NBA. Even used "fellow New Yorker" to put him in further shame. As a native New Yorker like the two of them, I have to go with Mark Jackson.

12:34- Final in Houston, 95-80 Rockets. Sunday at 3 will be Game 1 of Hawks-Wings, 3:30 Rockets-Lakers Game 7, then the deciding game between the Magic and Celtics. Goodnight everybody.

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