Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 and This Week's Football Picks

Before I do my weekly picks, allow me to write about 9/11. I still remember it like it was yesterday, I was in high school and heard rumblings about something happening to the World Trade Center. It wasn't until I left when I realized the horror of what happened. While I was fortunate not to lose any family in the tragedy, one of my father's friends who was a cop was lost trying to do all he can to save lives. If you live in New York and you get a chance, look for the beam of light and take the time to remember anyone you may have lost.

Here are my picks:
Miami (+4) over Atlanta
Baltimore (-13) over Kansas City
Philadelphia (-2.5) over Carolina
Denver (+4) over Cincinnati
Minnesota (-4) over Cleveland
Houston (-4.5) over Jets
Indy (-7) over Jacksonville
New Orleans (-13) over Detroit (not picking the Lions in the opener like last year)
Dallas (-5.5) over Tampa Bay
San Francisco (+6.5) over Arizona
Giants (-6.5) over Washington
Seattle (-7.5) over St. Louis
Chicago (+3.5) over Green Bay
New England (-10.5) over Buffalo
San Diego (-9.5) over Oakland
NFL Record: 0-1

North Carolina (-4.5) over UConn
Mississippi St (+14) over Auburn (Upset special)
Wake Forest (-3) over Stanford
South Carolina (+7) over Georgia
Tennessee (-10) over UCLA
BYU (-18) over Tulane
Notre Dame (-3) over Michigan
TCU (-11) over Virginia
Wisconsin (-8.5) over Fresno St.
USC (-7) over Ohio St
College Record: 5-8

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