Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's Next for Floyd

Sorry I'm late with my review about Floyd Mayweather's win over Juan Manuel Marquez, but NFL over the weekend and the trip to Los Angeles has slowed down the blog this week. Fortunately for you, I'm writing this here in the hotel computer and have given you an article to read before I write my football friday spot as well the eventually completion to my N.Y. Rangers What If's column once I return.

Now, about the match, there isn't anything much to write; Floyd was dominant over Marquez. A battle between two defensive fighters which Mayweather was the faster and quicker (yes, there's a difference). Mayweather had a knock down in the second round and as I tweeted, figured he would take the decision and go the twelve rounds as he did. However, the end of the fight turned out to be the real story as Max Kellerman brought over Shane Mosley to talk with Mayweather. During the match, I heard the HBO commentators discuss about Floyd giving Sugar Shane a wink, that seemed to represent him saying "You're next." Thus, Mosley came over and he and Floyd had a shouting match (sorry, the best I can find on YouTube) that was reminiscent to a war of words and mini-fight involving Larry Holmes and Gerry Cooney which Howard Cosell was in the middle of and took a punch in the mouth, before they eventually fought.

Martin Rogers of Yahoo Sports (who I must say have the best writers of any website when you think of Dan Wetzel, Jeff Passan, Kevin Iore, etc.) wrote that Floyd shouldn't get distracted by this nonsense with Sugar Shane and fight Manny Pacquiao. I fully agree; this is the fight that I as a boxing can't dream of missing and is the only fight that can beat what UFC does. I went out to the city to watch the fight Saturday night. I walked from 42nd St and 2nd Ave, over to 3rd Ave where there are plenty of bars, as still had to go to Jack Dempsey's on 33rd and 6th, while passing a few places that had UFC 103 plastered all over in each bar. The heavyweight division will never be on that level again, unless Cris Arreola achieves the promise that Iore thinks he has. All the other division, while good in their own way, don't have captivating fighters for the casual fan, the guy who would rather watch Brock Lesner, Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva instead of a Kelly Pavlik or Antonio Margarito.

Later this year, Pacquiao will face Miguel Cotto since Mayweather used Marquez for a tune up match. Barring an upset by Cotto, we will be set with the best fight since Oscar De La Hoya-Felix Trinidad in 1999, two fighters, in their prime who have opposite tendencies and most importantly, a fighter who Floyd Mayweather would never be able to let hang around because of Pacman's punching power. So Floyd, don't screw this up like the rest of the sport of boxing always finds a way to do.


  1. Yeah..Floyd should not fight Shane Mosley because why...He is a future Hall of Famer. He rated by Ring Magazine as the number 3 boxer in the world P4P. One of the top 10 fighters of the last 20 years. The number one welterweight in the world. You make it sound like he is a bum. Do you even watch boxing?? So you don't think it would be a good fight. I think Floyd should win, but it is damn good fight. What is wrong with Floyd fighting both. Do you know anything about boxing. I want to see Mayweather-Pacquiao too. But Mosley is no bum, and give the man his due.

  2. Anon- I didn't make Shane Mosley sound like a bum because I barely touched on him. I'm sure Mayweather-Mosley would be a great fight and I'll still watch it as well. But let's be real, you and I know that Floyd against Manny would be the biggest fight boxing can provide. Why should we have to wait? That's why boxing is in the shape that it's in when you don't get the fight you want to see. Some people think of Mayweather as the best P4P, some think it's Pacquiao. Let's see them fight, and not ruin the fight in case Mosley was to beat him. Remember, they should fight next because as you said, Sugar Shane is good enough where a Floyd victory isn't a sure thing.