Friday, September 18, 2009

Football Friday

Before making my Week 2 picks, along with Saturday college football action, here's my review of last week in football, the best we saw in years. It seemed like in both college and the pros, there were great finishes galore. Consider the following:

- Wisconsin comes back to beat Fresno St in OT, while Central Michigan pulls off the amazing comeback to defeat Michigan St in East Lansing at the same time as North Carolina avoiding a mini-upset in Hartford by coming back against UConn

- Notre Dame coming closer to the end of the Charlie Weis era due to his own negligence. Obviously, we can point out the pass on 2nd down that forced the 3rd down pass, something that if you're going to do, do on 1st down, so that you can get yards on 2nd down. But remember the last play of the game, you need your receivers to go down on that 20 yard pass when there's no chance to score. Golden Tate was at the 45 and ran for the sideline, when if he goes down, they have another play. I blame that on coaching, and Weis should know better and prepare for situations like Bill Belichick does.

- Another one where coaching cost a game, Ohio St. and Jim Tressel. Everybody is one him for kicking a field goal on 4th and goal at the 1 and they should be (though not to the extent of firing him; if Bob Stoops can avoid real trouble for bad game coaching, so can Tressel). Fact is, Pete Carroll ran the ball from the same spot in a hostile crowd and scored, and Tressel should of done the same in a friendly crowd. Plus, you players are more enthused when they go for it, as proved by the Steelers last year despite never converting.

-Kudos to Matt Barkley and Tate Forcier for stepping in as true freshman and showing the poise of fifth-year seniors. Once Tebow, McCoy and Bradford leave school, these two will be the QB's we will follow for the next few years.

- Whatever the opposite of kudos is goes to Tennessee who show why more people will give the four touchdowns pick them to get beat against Florida. Losing at home to UCLA, a middle Pac-10 team, the equivalent of a 11th or 12th place SEC team, means the Lane Kiffin is on that rousing start that we all expected.

- Hopefully my Dez Bryant for Heisman half-drive isn't hurt by Oklahoma State's loss to Houston last week. At least he will have his chances against Texas and Oklahoma to show why voters should only think QB for the award.

- The great call in NFL history occured in the Broncos-Bengals game, which I know you saw and won't really get into. But I've heard about the fact, particularly from Bill Simmons that Brandon Stokley used the Madden waste time before scoring move was brilliant. Of course, maybe he doesn't score if the Bengals have deep safety help.

- As a guy who's always never liked Jake Delhomme, thinking he was vastly overrated and based his career from one game and having Steve Smith as a receiver, I'm finally being vindicated as Jake has already murdered the Panthers season. Meanwhile, the Eagles once again have an injured Donovan McNabb and sign Jeff Garcia as the insurance option. Garcia really should be in Carolina, unless McNabb is really hurt. If he can play through his rib, then A.J. Feeley would be better in Philly because he can spot start this week and wouldn't take the spot that Michael Vick takes. I must assume the Eagles have Vick as a WR/QB or RB/QB in order for him to be able to play next week.

- Tough losses for the Bills and Raiders on Monday night. While Oakland can take satisfaction in playing close to the Chargers, the Bills have another Monday night stomach punch for their fans. I will say this about the Raiders, they still should of beat the Chargers because they outplayed them and if their linebackers don't give up the first down to Darren Sproles, they win. If Tom Cable doesn't call timeout with :21 left, the Chargers probably force overtime. As for the Bills, first you blow an 11-point lead of the Patriots, then Terrell Owens already starts with Trent Edwards and so begins a long season in Western New York.

As for the picks, here they are (Home Team in CAPS, should of included that before):

KANSAS CITY (-3) over Oakland -Raiders won't repeat last week and Chiefs need this.
TENNESSEE (-7) over Houston- Both need this, Titans win and get late score.
New England (-4) over JETS- I was leaning Jets, not with Rhodes embarrass comment.
GREEN BAY (-9.5) over Cincy- The Bengals can't recover from that loss against a better team.
DETROIT (+10.5) over Minnesota- Lions played them tough last year, Favre doesn't change it.
New Orleans (-1) over PHILLY- Can't go against Brees with possible Kevin Kolb sighting.
ATLANTA (-6) over Carolina- See above with Jake, but Panthers D isn't that good either.
WASHINGTON (-10) over St. Louis- Sorry Spags, need to prove you can compete.
JACKSONVILLE (-3) over Arizona- Can't go with the West team playing 1pm in the East.
SAN FRAN (-1.5) over Seattle- Niners continue their renaissance season.
BUFFALO (-5) over Tampa Bay- I'd pick against them, but the Bucs are just as bad.
DENVER (-3) over Cleveland- Browns are still bad, Broncos win in the Belichick Paranoia Bowl.
Baltimore (+3) over SAN DIEGO- Flacco is legit and the Chargers worry me this week.
CHICAGO (-3) over Pittsburgh- If the Bears lose, their two back of GB and Minn.
New York (+3) over DALLAS- Giants are better and ruin the Cowboys Stadium debut.
Indianapois (+3.5) over MIAMI- Dolphins are showing to have the year-after syndrome.

NFL Record: 8-8

NORTH CAROLINA (-7.5) over East Carolina
Boston College (+7) over CLEMSON
California (-14) over MINNESOTA
Utah (+5) over OREGON
FLORIDA (-30) over Tennessee
IOWA (-4) over Arizona
VIRGINIA TECH (-5.5) over Nebraska
Cincinnati (-1) over OREGON STATE
BYU (-8) over Florida St.
Georgia (+2) over ARKANSAS
TEXAS (-17.5) over Texas Tech

College Record: 9-14

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