Friday, November 13, 2009

Babe of the Week and Week 10 Picks

For this week's Babe of the Week, we travel to South Carolina for a former Gamecock cheerleader and Playboy Playmate Lauren Michelle Hill. It's more indicative that there isn't really a big game this week in college football; just a bunch of semi-important ones. Last week was the example of my picking season as I bounced back with a strong 9-4 effort in the NFL picks, while plummeting to an awful 1-9 in college picks. It's getting to the point where it's naturally smarter to go against me in college since I can't pick the right weeks when the good teams take off and the ones they show up. At least I'm picking NFL games at close to the best I've done in my life. Anyway, just a short description as I'm ready to make picks. Home team in CAPS
Jacksonville (+7) over JETS- Mark Sanchez isn't Matt Ryan or Dan Marino, so I wouldn't give seven points. Plus, it should be windy in the Meadowlands and Sanchez hasn't proven to throw in it.
Denver (-4) over WASHINGTON- The perfect team to play after dropping two in a row, an inferior offense which the Bronco defense to eat alive.
Cincinnati (+7) over PITTSBURGH- Everyone thinks the Steelers will just blowout the Bengals, but the Cincy defense is very good and Palmer is back to '05 level. This stays close.
TENNESSEE (-7) over Buffalo- The site of the Music City Miracle (aka the day the Bills franchise died) will see again that the V in Vince means victory.
MINNESOTA (-16.5)over Detroit- A week off for the Vikings is followed by another bye week ag ainst the Lions. Expect big numbers for Peterson, Favre, Rice, Harvin and defense.
New Orleans (-14) over ST. LOUIS- After three straight closer than expected games, the Saints get to enjoy a trip against the worst team in football.
Atlanta (-1.5) over CAROLINA- I still don't know if the Falcons are good or not but their losses have come against Dallas, New Orleans and New England. The Panthers aren't in that league.
MIAMI (-10) over Tampa Bay- Congrats to the Bucs for being the last team to win a game. Doesn't mean they can beat a better team in the Dolphins (who would be renamed Wildcats if this was the 1920s).
Kansas City (+2) over OAKLAND- Third week in a row for a game to be the "If You Bet This Game, You Have A Gambling Problem" game and there's plenty more down the stretch.
ARIZONA (-9) over Seattle- Big week from Warner, Seahawks playing away from Qwest Field against a team they lost to, the Cards have to win this game, right? Right?
SAN DIEGO (-1) over Philadelphia- Before the season, I thought the Eagles would miss the playoffs; a game like this goes a long way. Let's appreciate the fact that the majority of fans will know what to do more than either Andy Reid or Norv Turner.
Dallas (-3) over GREEN BAY- Last week turned out to be the week I leaped off the Packers bandwagon, Richard Kimble-style. I must admit, the Cowboys look good and if A-Rod can become clutch, Tony Romo I guess can too.
INDIANAPOLIS (-3) over New England- Game of the month, much less week. Most people think the Pats look better than the Colts, but that's because of the Titans (pre-VY) and the Bucs. They aren't back yet and the Colts will take this one at the Giant Gas Station (my nickname for Lucas Oil Stadium).
Baltimore (-10.5) over CLEVELAND- How do the Browns get a Monday night game, much less home? Ravens need to win to stay alive and that's all I want to say.

NFL Record: 70-55-1

MISSISSIPPI (-6) over Tennessee
Houston (-5.5) over CENTRAL FLORIDA
Miami (-3) over NORTH CAROLINA
SOUTH CAROLINA (+17.5) over Florida
Iowa (+16.5) over OHIO STATE
Stanford (+10.5) over USC
Auburn (+4) over GEORGIA
Utah (+20) over TCU
OKLAHOMA STATE (-4.5) over Texas Tech
PITTSBURGH (-6.5) over Notre Dame

College Record: 39-55-1

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