Saturday, November 28, 2009

Babe of the Week and Week 11 Picks

Since Florida still has some big games to be featured (meaning Jenn Brown and Erin Andrews will be coming up), I figured I throw Florida State a bone and have Tiffany Fallon, former Playboy Playmate and cast member of The Apprentice as this weeks Babe of the Week. No time to explain my picks since I have to head to work shortly so here they are. Home teams in CAPS.

HOUSTON (+3.5) over Indianapolis
Cleveland (+13.5) over CINCINNATI
Washington (+9) over PHILADELPHIA
BUFFALO (+3) over Miami
ST. LOUIS (+3.5) over Seattle
ATLANTA (-12) over Tampa Bay
Carolina (+3) over JETS
Jacksonville (+3) over SAN FRANCISCO
SAN DIEGO (+13.5) over Kansas City
MINNESOTA (-11) over Chicago
TENNESSEE (-3) over Arizona
BALTIMORE (+3) over Pittsburgh
New England (+1.5) over NEW ORLEANS

NFL Record: 84-78-1

STANFORD (-10) over Notre Dame
LSU (-3.5) over Arkansas
USC (-13) over UCLA
ARIZONA STATE (+3) over Arizona
Oklahoma State (+7.5) over OKLAHOMA
BYU (-7.5) over Utah
Florida State (+24.5) over FLORIDA

College Record: 49-65-1

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