Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time To Lay Off On Tiger

Mostly because the story broke on a workday, I didn't express any opinions on the Tiger Woods story. It was pretty smart because this story has played out in many different ways since his accident Thanksgiving. The facts we know are that Tiger had a one car accident hitting a fire hydrant and a tree. The Florida Highway Patrol gave him a citation in a press conference that doubled as an SNL-skit in trying to look serious. Now, Tiger has released a statement basically admitting to affairs that have been reported.

Everyone considers this a big story because of the rumored affairs and whatever Tiger's wife did after finding out, but once we knew that the accident didn't involve others and that Tiger wasn't leaving his home, this story ended. Now, anything else you hear is all the typical celebrity chatter that shouldn't be public. If Tiger Woods committed a crime, then yes, let's delve as much as possible into his life. Since he didn't, I think he should get the same courtesy that you and I get.

I know what you're thinking "he's a celebrity, a public figure and we need to know this". My friend Dan of Dan's Take Sports wrote how we can't think of Tiger Woods like we did before. What did we think of Tiger Woods? Unlike what his father thought, Tiger has never been more than a great golfer. That's what I think of when I think of Tiger Woods. This won't change that, unless he let's these issues affect his play.

We all want our greatest athletes to live up to our expectations on how they should live, but 95% of the time, they don't. The athletes of yesterday lived the same lives as the athletes of today, but no one reported it and there wasn't a TMZ or Deadspin who were more than willing to air dirty laundry for all to see. So forgive me if I'm not coming up with a moral argument for Tiger or caring about his mistresses and his wife, but it's not important.

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