Saturday, December 19, 2009

Babe of the Week and Week 15 Picks

With college football finished and the fact I'm not picking or particularly following the bowl games, I decided to have as my Babe of the Week October Gonzalez, the wife of Tony Gonzalez. Also, here's a link to a PETA ad featuring the both of them.

Before I start making picks, I wanted to write about Peyton Manning, who made the Colts 14-0 Thursday night and I do mean made as once again, Manning makes the big play when the Colts needed it with his touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne. This season has just been typical Peyton and that's the amazing thing. Manning's career has been as consistent as Albert Pujols, except no one looks at football stats as closely. If Indianapolis can finished with an unbeaten season, you have to seriously consider Manning as the greatest QB of all-time, but I'll argue that in another time. Now here's my picks, which won't have a description like most weeks, since I'm short on time. Home team in CAPS.

NEW ORLEANS (-7.5) over Dallas
BUFFALO (-7) over New England
Arizona (-12.5) over DETROIT
San Francisco (+7.5) over PHILADELPHIA
KANSAS CITY (-2) over Cleveland
JETS (-6) over Atlanta
ST. LOUIS (+12.5) over Houston
TENNESSEE (-4) over Miami
Cincinnati (+7) over SAN DIEGO
DENVER (-14) over Oakland
BALTIMORE (-11) over Chicago
SEATTLE (-6.5) over Tampa Bay
Green Bay (+2) over PITTSBURGH
Minnesota (-9) over CAROLINA
Giants (-3) over WASHINGTON

NFL Record: 106-101-2

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