Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hey Tennis Pros, Leave Andre Alone

This has been a story that I've largely ignored, based on the fact my only tweet about it was a reply to Club Trillion that his post on it was the "best tweet ever". However, I continue to read about certain tennis players who not only are upset over Andre Agassi's revelation that he used crystal meth, but want him to forfeit winnings and championships. That was what Marat Safin said the other day. You also had Martina Navratilova say that Agassi is "up there with Roger Clemens" and Rafael Nadal also spoke of his disapproval. Only Andy Roddick didn't do a character assassination of him, but it seems like the tennis world has spoken and they're outraged with Agassi.

Of course the tennis world should be outraged, but direct that outrage at the ATP, not Andre Agassi. Andre Agassi didn't have to write a book for money and didn't have any rumors that he used drugs that he revealed. This was out of nowhere and I'm assuming that this was something he needed to write. Anyone who thinks he was selfish to write about using crystal meth is a fool because any financial gain he makes is offset by the reaction by sports and tennis world. One thing to remember, crystal meth isn't steroids or HGH.

I'm not condoning the fact he was a meth user, but I personally think it's a better story that he was able to overcome the disease to save his career and ultimately become one of the ten greatest tennis players ever. The fact the ATP finds that Agassi failed a drug test and didn't rigorously find out and use appropriate action is unconscionable because they have to be the ones to enforce the rules of the sport and they failed the tennis world, not Andre. It's the same way how I blame MLB and the union as the ultimate failure in the steroids war because they chose to ignore it until it couldn't be anymore. So anyone who thinks Andre should be forced to give up winnings and titles that he doesn't win if the ATP does his job, they are sadly mistaken. Appreciate Agassi's candor, don't condemn it.

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