Sunday, January 10, 2010

Babe of the Week and Today's Picks.

Today's Babe of the Week is Lizz Robbins, former King model and avid sports fan in the DC-area. You can check out her profile here and she also writes a little bit for Bleacher Report, becoming the only person on the website to not be a plagiarist. The fact that she loves hockey, along with being beautiful, makes her an instant favorite to The Cycle.

Before I pick the games coming up, here's a couple of random thoughts:

- Once again, the Dallas defense held the Eagles, aside from the one big play by Macklin from Michael Vick. The dirty secret of Philly was that their defense was inferior, which you had to expect after losing Brian Dawkins to Denver and Jim Johnson last summer. As for the Cowboys, they certainly look good, which is bad news for the entire sports world. Hopefully, they can lose soon, but next week it's either them or Favre who'll win. A scary prospect.

- I missed much of the Jets-Bengals because I was working, but seeing Mark Sanchez go 12-15 for 182 yards and a touchdown makes it clear why the Jets won. That and the fact that Carson Palmer looked like Dave Brown out there. The days of him being considered an elite QB are over and he can thank Kimo von Oelhoffen for that.

- Finally, I'm still waiting for a press conference before I believe Pete Carroll is going to be coach and president of the Seahawks. Why would Seattle throw their entire franchise to a guy who was a washout in the pros?

Now my picks, we need a surprise winner today, because both the Jets and Cowboys aren't that surprising. I think we're all on the Packers bandwagon this week, but if Kurt Warner is really considering retirement, I have to think that the Cards will be the upset winner today at home. Except with no Anquan Boldin, the Packers will have an easier time against them and they win 31-24. As for the Pats, I think this is it for them, the Ravens defense and running game will control the game and Joe Flacco will play well against the Pats secondary. Baltimore upsets New England, 20-17.

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