Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quick Wild Card Picks

No Babe again, but I'll give one tomorrow with Sunday's picks, and a little review of tonight's games and other NFL-related stories. As for today's games, here are my picks. I think too many people have jumped on the Jets bandwagon and even though the Bengals aren't that good, they force Sanchez to throw and the Jets will lose in that scenario by default. Bengals win 24-10. As for the nightcap, this is a tough one because Andy Reid is a good first-round coach and Wade Phillips is still looking for his first one. But, I'm more impressed with the Cowboys defense than the Eagles and no one can convince me of that otherwise. As long as Dallas controls the clock, they win. I go with the Cowboys in the close variety, winning 31-28. As for the bettors, this obviously tells you to take the Bengals and the Eagles. Enjoy the football.

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