Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cycle's Hall of Fame Ballot

I turned on MLB Network's Baseball Hall of Fame announcement show and just decided that I should list my thoughts on all those on the ballot, and whether they should be in or out. Let's get started.

Roberto Alomar- Yes; he clearly was the best second baseman during the 1990's and if he doesn't get in, then the writers have spit on his nomination like he did to John Hirschbeck's face.
Kevin Appier- No; one great season in 1993, and lucked out that his Angels came back in both his World Series starts. Not even close.
Harold Baines- No; good hitter for a long time, nothing at all from his career really stands out to overcome his lack of milestone and playing as a DH.
Bert Blyleven- Yes; I still can't ignore 3,701 strikeouts and 60 shutouts, which trumps not reaching 300 wins. Plus, he won two championships, so he could pitch big games.
Ellis Burks- No; be lucky if Coors Field might get a vote or two Ellis, he wouldn't get one if the Rockies never existed.
Andre Dawson- Yes; I have to say, I was leaning against putting him in, but Dawson was a better player than Jim Rice (particularly on defense) and I'll ignore the .323 on base this time.
Andres Galarraga- No; read everything I wrote about Ellis Burks and it applies to Galarraga.
Pat Hentgen- No; and he still shouldn't have won the 1996 Cy Young over Andy Pettitte.
Mike Jackson- No; not when the Indians thought Jose Mesa was a better closer option than Jackson in the 1997 World Series.
Eric Karros- No; and he also isn't making the broadcasters wing of the Hall of Fame anytime soon.
Ray Lankford- No; I guess anyone who hung around gets their name on the ballot.
Barry Larkin- No; I need more time to figure out if Larkin should be in, very much on the borderline.
Edgar Martinez- No; he needs more than just close numbers because of the DH. He falls short because of earlier injuries.
Don Mattingly- No; not because of his talent, but because of his durability. If the Yankees were winning championships at the same time, then I can overlook the shortened career.
Fred McGriff- No; he's another guy who I'll need more time to look over, but he's closer than I thought and must seriously consider him.
Mark McGwire- Yes; the book of baseball includes Mark McGwire and he must be put in, even if it's the start of the basement steroid wing at Cooperstown.
Jack Morris- Yes; I always put him in there for Game 7 of the 1991 World Series alone, but he was the winningest pitcher of the 1980s.
Dale Murphy- No; I hear the supporters say they are outraged that he never gets enough support, but he would of been better off retiring when Jim Rice did.
Dave Parker- No; and he only has himself to blame because he should be in Cooperstown. It's harsh to call him the David Thompson of baseball, but the comparison isn't completely wrong.
Tim Raines- Yes; I have been on his side for years because he was only a slight notch below Rickey Henderson and continues to be overlooked. His prime had him among the best in on base and slugging.
Shane Reynolds and David Segui- No; and if anyone votes for these two (especially Segui for PED's), they should be banned from voting again. Voting for no one is better.
Lee Smith- No; I'm very picking with closer, like with NFL kickers. Bruce Sutter shouldn't be in, though I'm fine with Gossage.
Alan Trammell- No; he's in the same boat as Barry Larkin and I'm not voting one and not the other, so I take neither.
Robin Ventura- No; but as a consolation, I move we nickname him as Mr. Grand Slam. We'll always remember the Grand Slam Single.
Todd Zeile- No; though he'll always be in the Mike Morgan All-Stars for the extremely well-travelled player (bonus points for being in a trade for Morgan).

Update since I started; the Hall vote announced Andre Dawson as the lone Hall of Famer. Wrong of them to not put Alomar in, but he and Blyleven will make it in 2011, unless voters change their minds about steroids and put in Rafael Palmeiro.

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