Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So Long College Football

I've had it. Conference realignment has ruined college football for me. And it's about to ruin college basketball, which I've always held more dear than football. Part of the reason is because I went to Seton Hall, a non-football playing Big East school. So already I don't belong to any college football team and thus, I never really root for anyone.

The inspiration to this rant: this tweet. This is still a sport that can't and won't decide it's national champion on the field, which makes it useless to follow the sport anyway. I know that conference champions mattered more before the Bowl Coalition/Bowl Alliance/BCS Era, but now with these superconferences, no longer is there anything close to a true round robin. Money and greed has ended the Nebraska-Oklahoma rivalry (which really ended when the Big 12 was formed).

Better reactionary articles can be seen here, here and here. All I'm here to say is because of Dan, Gregg and JP, I'm all but finished following college football with the same passion as the other sports I follow until either these schools stop sacrificing tradition for money or until they create a real playoff, which will naturally solve the first point.

Does this mean I won't watch college football anymore? Probably not. I'm sure I'm going to bet on college and will have to at least know who's good and who's not. However, I'm certainly finished thinking about college football outside of a game itself. To me, it's a better version of high school football. The only regret I have will probably be the way I evaluate potential pros. That's what the Combine and these All-Star games are for.

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