Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tiffany's Week 1 Recap and My Week 2 Picks

Every year in The Cycle's existence, the weekly picks post has undergone changes. It started with the Babe of the Week in 2009, then I scrapped the theme in 2010. We once again have a running theme as in lieu of a recap post, I will post the NFL musical stylings of Tiffany Orbin. Last year, she started doing parodies of popular and famous songs with the happenings each week in the 2010 season. You can visit her YouTube page for more videos, but every week, I'll post her videos here, starting with this one from Week 1.

Before we go to the picks, I need to talk about my fantasy team. Yes, I know no one cares, but I go to bed on Monday night pissed off that Darren McFadden didn't have a chance to run out the clock, seemingly allowing me to lose my fantasy matchup by 1.5 points. Next time I look at my roster, I notice that in fact I won by half a point. The reason for the switch; I'm guessing because we have defensive players and tackles and sack can be applied later. Best bit of news I received all week.

And now, let's go to the Week 2 picks. (Home teams in CAPS)

NEW ORLEANS (-7) over Chicago: Here's the deal, the Saints lost a close one against the Packers in Green Bay, the Bears win a weird game at home against Atlanta. I want to see the Bears show up in the Superdome.

DETROIT (-8.5) over Kansas City: Chiefs were in trouble before losing Eric Berry for the year. I expect the Lions to take better advantage of the Chiefs than they did against the Bucs last week.

Jacksonville (+9) over JETS: Because I don't believe the Jets can blow teams out when they're supposed to. The offense still isn't good enough and I can easily see the Jets allow the Jags to hang around and win late.

BUFFALO (-4) over Oakland: Going against the West Coast team playing at 1 pm eastern here. Plus, even though the Chiefs were awful, Ryan Fitzpatrick is good enough against lesser teams. Confident he will play well at home.

WASHINGTON (-4) over Arizona: Rex Grossman looked great against the Giants, now he gets the worst secondary in football. I also expect Kevin Kolb not to play that well if the Redskins defense is for real.

Baltimore (-6.5) over TENNESSEE: Don't expect Chris Johnson to start running well against the Ravens. Meanwhile, the Ravens made a statement with that win over Pittsburgh. They aren't going to be a "contender, but not really one" this year.

PITTSBURGH (-14.5) over Seattle: Not worried about the Steelers just yet. Get this home opener with an awful Seahawks team and should right themselves.

Green Bay (-10.5) over CAROLINA: Let's see Cam Newton do what he did against the Cards this week when he faces a real NFL secondary.

Tampa Bay (+3) over MINNESOTA: The Vikings only chance of winning games this year will be if Adrian Peterson wins them alone. Donovan McNabb won't do so. Also, let's see if the young Bucs can bounce back.

Cleveland (-2) over INDIANAPOLIS: The problems the Browns had against Cincinnati won't show up against the Peyton-less Colts. Expect better Colt McCoy play in this one.

Dallas (-3) over SAN FRANCISCO: Sorry, Niners. Unless Ten Ginn Jr. is going to score on every possession, I'm afraid the Cowboys are just a little above your weight class. Besides, it's not a big game so Tony Romo probably won't lose the game for them.

Houston (-3) over MIAMI: Tossup game if you still don't buy the Texans. I do, so I have no problem laying 3 points. Dolphins will have just as much trouble defending the Texans as they did the Pats and Brady threw for over 500 yards.

San Diego (+7) over NEW ENGLAND: Let me get this straight, the Pats are a touchdown better than the Chargers because of last week? Sorry, but the Chargers aren't giving up 500 yards of passing and Philip Rivers is far more dangerous than Chad Henne.

Cincinnati (+3.5) over DENVER: It's too the point that Kyle Orton can't start at home anymore because the Broncos fans are so opposed to him. It's a real Ed Whitson situation, only Orton's actually good.

ATLANTA (+3) over Philadelphia: Statement game for the Falcons. Everyone's down on them after the playoff blowout against the Packers and now last week's loss. No one expects them to beat Vick and the Eagles. It's time for Matty Ice and Co to make a stand.

GIANTS (-7) over St. Louis: Same deal for the Giants, plus they really can use a win before their trip to Philly. The Rams are just as banged up as NY, especially on offense, though Bradford will play. Season can spiral out of control if Steve Spagnuolo beats his former team.

Season record: 6-9-1

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