Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and Week 16 Picks

It's Christmas Eve and before I give my picks for Week 16, I wanted to point out some things that are making this a Merry Christmas.

-24/7 Rangers/Flyers. Nuff said.

-The first-place New York Rangers after beating the Flyers last night. Still a long way to go

-Seton Hall basketball at 11-1 as they enter Big East play. A legit NCAA chance if they take care of business in-conference

-Watching marathons of A Christmas Story and Home Alone. And if Scrooged and Christmas Vacation are also on, then the only NBA I'll end up watching is the Knicks tomorrow.

-Knicks basketball, who look prime to do some damage (and by damage, I mean win a playoff series perhaps at the very least) this year. NBA and I is a mixed bag, but I do come home to the Knicks.

-Having Christmas Eve off despite working in a retail store. Of course, I still have to shop today, so that's not a overwhelming positive.

-Giants vs Jets today, which means oh so much for both for the first time, probably since the first ever Giants/Jets game.

And on that note, here are my quick picks for Week 16. Happy holidays to everyone and enjoy Christmas Eve football. (Home team in CAPS)

Oakland (+2.5) over KANSAS CITY
Denver (-2.5) over BUFFALO
TENNESSEE (-7.5) over Jacksonville
CINCINNATI (-4.5) over Arizona
NEW ENGLAND (-9) over Miami
Cleveland (+12.5) over BALTIMORE
Giants (+3) over JETS
Minnesota (+7) over WASHINGTON
CAROLINA (-7.5) over Tampa Bay
PITTSBURGH (-12.5) over St. Louis
San Diego (+2) over DETROIT
SEATTLE (+1.5) over San Francisco
DALLAS (-1) over Philadelphia
Chicago (+11.5) over GREEN BAY
NEW ORLEANS (-7) over Atlanta

This week: 1-0
Last week: 7-8-1
Season Record: 112-102-10

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