Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Night Pick

A change in my schedule at my regular job now allows me to have a preview of the Thursday Night Game. It begins this week as the Team Formerly Known As Dream Team Philadelphia Eagles make the trek to the Pacific Northwest to face the Seahawks. Too bad this game means absolutely nothing, since both teams are 4-7, losing games that would have put them on the fringe on the playoff race in the NFC.

Eagles are still without Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin. Meanwhile, the specter of Andy Reid being fired at the end of the year and what happens with DeSean Jackson as he goes into free agency will be the only things interesting about this Eagles team (except from their games with the Jets and Cowboys as a chance to play spoiler). Seattle was supposed to be awful, instead are just bad. Tavaris Jackson still isn't good, but the Seahawks play good defense, and that keeps them in games, and allows them to win games they shouldn't (Baltimore); that and that home crowd.

So what happens tonight? I think a better than normal Qwest Field crowd since it's a night game, and an Eagles team that usually needs a reason to get up for a game will lead to another Philly loss. Seahawks will win 17-13 in a turnover-filled game.

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