Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 13 Picks

No Tiffany today, and because my regular job, today's picks will be quick ones. Let's hope this is the last NFL Sunday I'll have to work this season (I'm not counting Christmas Eve, a day I'll surely need to come in). Before the picks, I do have some random football thoughts:

-If you notice, Denver at Minnesota is a Fox game today. The NFL TV contract states that Fox only shows AFC home games against an NFC team, not road. Seems like they got the game after New Orleans-Detroit was flexed to Sunday night, but I'm curious, how many times has the wrong network (CBS-Fox since '98, Fox-NBC '94-'97, CBS-NBC '70-'93) aired a particular game? A question I'm sure Ken Fang of Fang's Bites can answer.

-Now that Fox is done with college football, can Fox now use Gus Johnson as it's second NFL team? I love Kenny Albert, but we need Gus for at least one playoff game (I'm not wasting time wanting Gus to replace Joe Buck; it won't happen).

-LSU would beat Oklahoma St if they played in the BCS championship, but at least it would be a fun matchup. I enjoyed LSU-Alabama, but I don't want a second one. Too bad that's what's going to happen. And you wonder why I'm not a big college football guy.

Enough talk, time for the picks (home team in CAPS).

Tennessee (+1) over BUFFALO
CHICAGO (-7) over Kansas City
MIAMI (-3) over Oakland
PITTSBURGH (-7) over Cincinnati
Jets (-3) over WASHINGTON
Atlanta (-1.5) over HOUSTON
Carolina (+1) over TAMPA BAY
Denver (-1.5) over MINNESOTA
NEW ENGLAND (-21 ) over Indianapolis
CLEVELAND (+7) over Baltimore
SAN FRANCISCO (-14) over St. Louis
ARIZONA (+5) over Dallas
Green Bay (-7) over GIANTS
NEW ORLEANS (-9) over Detroit
JACKSONVILLE (+3) over San Diego.

This week: 1-0
Last week: 10-5-1
Season Record: 87-81-9

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