Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 2 Picks

A lot usually gets made after Week 1, which teams who win are basically are heading to the playoffs and those who lose are about to completely fall apart. Well, clearly this can never be true since that doesn't account for the four teams extra who win over the amount of playoff berths. So the key as you move on from week-to-week is to see which victories were ones that just happened to be a perfect day last week and which ones are those that are more a lasting effect. The same goes with losing results and it makes one careful about how think of these teams as they move on. We'll try to do the same today.

BUFFALO (-3) over Kansas City

I want to see the Bills at home before I was to believe that last week's loss to the Jets is indicative to another bad season. The Chiefs had a tough loss at home last week, which was expected in my eyes with no Tamba Hali and Brandon Flowers. A loss here for Kansas City doesn't doom them.

CINCINNATI (-7) over Cleveland

Not particularly impressed with the Bengals last week, but they get to play against Brandon Weeden. While the Browns look to have a good defense, a win on the road for Weeden is too much to ask.

INDIANAPOLIS (+3) over Minnesota

Get Andrew Luck in the comfort of home, take Christian Ponder out of his comfort zone and I see both teams reverse from last week.

MIAMI (+3) over Oakland

I didn't think I'd take Miami this year, but then I saw the Raiders play on Monday and they have a potential to be very bad as well. So yes, I'll take the points at home.

NEW ENGLAND (-14) over Arizona

No chance Kevin Kolb walks into Foxboro and keeps the Cardinals close with the Pats. This New England schedule is just embarrassingly easy.

Tampa Bay (+8) over NY GIANTS

Giants might very well win, but the Bucs look good and the Giants tend to take for granted teams who they expect to win.

Baltimore (+3) over PHILADELPHIA

Why are the Eagles favored by 3? I'm sorry I doubted the Ravens, they look scary good. Philly, on the other hand, look ordinary and even though Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson will play, they are hurt and you don't want to be hurt against the Ravens defense.

CAROLINA (+3) over New Orleans

Can't say I was surprised by the Saints losing last week. One thing I do expect is a better Cam Newton from last week.

Houston (-7) over JACKSONVILLE

We saw last week what the Texans are capable of, especially at the end of the first half when they scored three times inside the two minute warning. Jacksonville did some good things in Minnesota, but Houston's a different animal.

Washington (-3.5) over ST. LOUIS

Loved what I saw from Robert Griffin III last week and even though the Rams nearly won in Detroit, it was more Matt Stafford playing awful than the Rams playing great. Mike Shanahan might be able to reclaim the label "genius" if RGIII continues this way.

SEATTLE (-3) over Dallas

We do tend to forget how Seattle has the best home-field advantage in the league (especially after the Saints loss last week) and it would be Dallas like to drop this game as everyone became excited after the Opening Night win over the Giants.

PITTSBURGH (-5) over Jets

No Revis=No Chance. Jets DB's will have plenty of trouble with Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown and their own chance is to pound Ben Roethlisberger all day long. And I'm not counting on Mark Sanchez to play as well as last week against the Steelers defense, who should be healthier today.

SAN DIEGO (-6) over Tennessee

While the Raiders looked bad, the Chargers controlled the game for the most part, but have to figure out how to score more touchdowns. Today's a good start against a very ordinary Titans team, who have a 6-10, 7-9 feel to them.

SAN FRANCISCO (-7) over Detroit

Handshake Game today and the sad thing for the Lions is that if Stafford was going to have trouble at home against the Rams defense, how will he fare against the Niners defense? San Francisco looks to be scary good.

ATLANTA (-3) over Denver

It's one thing for Peyton to win at home against a banged up Steelers team, but now you have the Broncos going to Atlanta, facing a team that has Super Bowl as they only goal. Expect a rough night for the Denver defense in the Georgia Dome.

Last week 5-11
Season: 6-11

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