Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cards/Giants Rain Delay Angers X Factor Fans

Game 3 of the NLCS between the Cardinals and the Giants was stopped in the bottom of the 7th because of a giant rain storm. This meant that Fox's coverage of the series would conflict directly with their primetime programming, which in tonight's case was The X Factor. Fox ended up showing an hour and 15 minutes of The X Factor, with a full episode of Ben and Kate before and The Mindy Project after until they were ready to go back to St. Louis. Obviously, this upset some passionate fans of Simon Cowell's show, so I took some of the best tweets involving those who were among the most upset and my thoughts on their tweets.

Fox has obligations to its contract to show MLB playoff games.

There are some people in St. Louis and San Francisco who beg to differ, as well as those who like baseball.

I know you do, but again, plenty of people do care about baseball (granted X Factor probably has more).

I never watched The X Factor before, so I have no idea.

Canadians are just as confused as Americans to their TV schedule.

Baseball's a live sport, X Factor is taped. Fox pays MLB billions to show it. Baseball wins.

I'm sure Fox will get over it.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

That's a little extreme. There are better situations that call for Mayan references than this.

This is something that most baseball fans will agree with; I'll grant you that.

I think the baseball players will be fine. Sorry to break it to you.

Being you work in the business, you should know that big sporting events will preempt regular coverage on your network. Besides, ABC would rather you watch Modern Family than X Factor.

As hard as your non-existant dick?

And on that note, enjoy the rest of the game.

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