Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Night Pick

One of the season's biggest surprises will host Thursday Night Football as the Minnesota Vikings will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Vikings seem to win every which way possible; they're in the middle of all the major offensive and defensive stats except rushing, and they basically have an even turnover ratio (it's actually -1). They seem to be doing it with a lot of Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Jared Allen and everyone else just doesn't screw up. Christian Ponder has played well at QB, but last week only threw for 58 yards and they still won.

Tampa after Week 1 was looking like they were going to surprise as well, and for one half in the Meadowlands, it was showing as true. Then they collapsed against the Giants and it began this run for the Bucs which they lost all their games within a touchdown. The Giants rammed it down their throat and scored a TD late. Robert Griffin III ran his way into field goal range and the Redskins beat them at home. They didn't play well against Dallas, despite the score, while they lost last week to the Saints because Mike Williams stepped out of bounds and then caught the game-tying score with no time left. At some point, the Bucs are either going to learn how to win, or have their will broken because they can't.

What does this mean for tonight? Thursday games remain surprising in result, so I'll take the Vikings to win, but only by 4, thus the Bucs will cover +5.

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