Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drunken Jets Ramblings

We all know about Joe Namath's interview with Suzy Kolber back in 2003. This website will forever be grateful to Joe for that. Now, we have another former Jet who decided to ramble on during a Jets night game. Mark Gastineau was inducted into the Jets Ring of Honor last night with Wesley Walker. When he went to speak, um, let's just say he seemed, as Joe Theismann said back for Joe Namath, "happy". You can listen to Gastineau here.

Gastineau starts off by imploring fans to not boo the Jets (I didn't watch the game with sound, but I'm pretty sure that didn't work), then more or less thanks God and Woody Johnson and says that MetLife Stadium is beautiful (not really) and ends the speech with a Hallelujah (which is something that we all know Gastineau was to say regularly).

With this speech, Gastineau matches Namath in his quest to be the all-time Jets attention whore. Unfortunately, that honor already belongs to Tim Tebow. Which only leads to one thought: when does Tebow have his awkward, drunken rambling during a Jets game?

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