Thursday, March 21, 2013

Breaking Brackets

It seemed like today was going to be a quiet day of the Madness. Yes, Marquette won on a last second shot, but they held their seed over Davidson, along with everyone one else aside from the 5's losing to Pac-12 12-seeds. The late night games were full of blowouts. VCU and Syracuse both doubled up Akron and Montana, respectively. Colorado State finally upheld the honor of the Mountain West, pulling away from Missouri 84-72. It's too bad the conference's honor was extinguished about an hour later.

Harvard broke brackets tonight when they beat New Mexico 68-62. The Lobos seemed like they would be the one team to be immune from a 14-3 upset, yet they had no answer for the way Harvard spread the floor and their three-point shooting. The lack of easy offense for New Mexico also hurt them, but let's face it, New Mexico had no business losing this game.

Now, Harvard will move on to face Arizona after their first ever NCAA Tournament win. This is the first time a sitting President's school won an NCAA Tourney game since Georgetown in 1996. Meanwhile, New Mexico continues to have never reached a Sweet 16 and now Steve Alford has his second loss as a 3-seed (lost to Northwestern State when he was with Iowa), joining Lute Olsen and Eddie Folger as the only coaches to lose as a 2 or 3 multiple times in the first round. Finally, the Mountain West is in need of a win by San Diego State to regain some lost pride the Mountain West have already lost with New Mexico, UNLV and Boise State last night.

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